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Hello, I am darkunknown. I have been a fan of wikipedia and many of its wikis and wikias. I would like to meet some people and get a general discussion of what to do, how to hang out, and many basic things. I have been thruough the tutorial already so there is no need of that. I have been wondering how to record my runescape character and put them on this wikia. Such as one performing emotes or glitches. Please, fill me in on how to get started and how to take pictures, and make videos, other than screenshots. Also, I would wish to know what level you guys communicate on. Like do you like to be in a joking manner sometimes or would you prefer to be serious most of the time? These are all the things I wonder upon so far.

My Runescape Status

       On Runescape my account name is Gem Red1. I have been playing runescape since some time early 2006, I only knew of the easter event then, so that is the only item I have from that period. I am currently a lvl 88 who has never had membership on runescape. I have completed all nonmember quests and the member quest swept away, which was only allowed to non-members for the Halloween event period. My highest skill is hitpoints, and my lowest skill is runecrafting. I am currently training smithing, which i think is my 2nd lowest skill, after I smith all these bars I bought, (400-800 can't remember) it should get pretty far up. You might not see me on that often, because at the moment I can not get on much. I have every holiday event item, after Christmas 2006, meaning I don't have the 06 Xmas item. The rarest item I have is the 06 easter ring, which many players want to get their hands on, but cannot do to not being lendable or tradeable. That is all that comes across my mind now.