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Hi, my name is Dark Rage188, my real name is Colton though. Your not going to get much information about myself, but more about my RS character, like most other User Pages talk about(don't give me that crap, I know you people do this :P). My character, usually is found in World 86, or the room with the name Pennsylvania. My characters name is my username here btw. You can't miss him, he wears a blue cape, has rune chainbody, and adamant platelegs at the moment, he has saftey gloves and fighting boots. He wears no helment. He also has long grey hair and a beard, think...old man.

I dislike players who act like douchebags and that think they are better then everyone else. YOUR NOT INVINCIBLE! I don't talk much and i'm usually found near Draynor and Varrock.