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Welcome[edit | edit source]

Hello there. Dark Fear63 at your service. I like to think of myself as quite an experienced player since I've been playing (on F2P) since some time in 2007 and as a Member since April 2010.

Runescape is a favourite pass-time of mine. I enjoy training my skills, and most of all, helping others.

My Skills[edit | edit source]

Skills are my absolute favourite part about Runescape. They're just so diverse and rewarding.

Total level: 1119
Attack 51Constitution 50Mining 50
Strength 50Agility 32Smithing 47
Defence 48Herblore 31Fishing 49
Ranged 47Thieving 31Cooking 51
Prayer 39Crafting 41Firemaking 51
Magic 60Fletching 66Woodcutting 62
Runecrafting 40Slayer 34Farming 37
Construction 55Hunter 32Summoning 31
Dungeoneering 34Divination 1Invention 1
Archaeology 1Combat 65Quests ----
Music ----Tasks ----RuneScore ----
As of July 24, 2010
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My favourite skills are Magic and Construction. My home is in Rimmington and visitors are always welcome.

So far as combat goes, I tend to use magic, although that doesn't mean I can't hold my own as a melee combatant.