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Adventurer's log[edit | edit source]

23 July 2010Levelled up Mining — I am now level 48.
22 July 2010Levelled up Strength — I am now level 60.
22 July 2010I killed 4 boss monsters in Daemonheim.
22 July 2010Daemonheims history uncovered, 6 volumes found.
22 July 2010Levelled up Ranged — I am now level 44.
22 July 2010Levelled up Thieving — I am now level 41.
22 July 201090 Quest Points obtained
22 July 2010Completed Death to the Dorgeshuun — I met Zanik, the cave goblin adventurer, and we stopped Sigmund's plot against Dorgesh-Kaan. Zanik died, but a strange force brought her back.
22 July 2010400 songs unlocked
22 July 2010Levelled all skills over 10
22 July 2010Levelled up Farming — I am now level 10.
22 July 2010Completed The Lost Tribe — I've discovered a lost tribe of goblins living under Lumbridge! They seem to be harmless, but Sigmund and the H.A.M. group are plotting against them.
22 July 2010Levelled all skills over 9
22 July 2010Levelled up Farming — I am now level 9.
21 July 2010Levelled all skills over 8

~Last Updated on: 24 July 2010

Total level: 1137
Attack -1Constitution -1Mining -1
Strength -1Agility 44Smithing 52
Defence -1Herblore -1Fishing 57
Ranged -1Thieving 41Cooking 59
Prayer -1Crafting 47Firemaking -1
Magic 57Fletching 61Woodcutting -1
Runecrafting 46Slayer 31Farming -1
Construction 46Hunter 45Summoning -1
Dungeoneering 30Divination 1Invention 1
Archaeology 1Combat 73Quests ----
Music N/aTasks ----RuneScore ----
As of 29 July 2010
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