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DarkGlory[edit | edit source]

Hi My name is Arkantos381 on runescape and Ive been playing for about 3 years. I am a Member, and like doing quests, major slayer assignments and like just leveling all my skills.I support the new wild and the trade limits, and do bounty hunter mostly anymore. Not often but on a rare ocasion.

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About Me[edit | edit source]

Favourite Skill - Hunting!
Main Revenue - Fighting and Hunter!
Favourite Quest - Desert Treasure
Favourite City - Bandit Camp
Favourite Minigame - Fist of Guthix
Least Fav. Skill - Herblore
Least Fav. Quest - One Small Favor
Least Fav. City - Port Sarim
Home Server - Any that doesnt lag in full screen
Favourite Owned Item - Abyssal Whip
Favourite Unowned Item - Dragon Full Helm
Armour - Rune Hybrid Dragon
Highest Hit - 36 Dharok
Highest Leveled monster killed - Nezikchened level 187

Total level: 1326
Attack 74Constitution 1Mining 59
Strength 75Agility 49Smithing 49
Defence 72Herblore 44Fishing 68
Ranged 61Thieving 56Cooking 68
Prayer 49Crafting 61Firemaking 53
Magic 67Fletching 63Woodcutting 72
Runecrafting 40Slayer 54Farming 43
Construction 45Hunter 61Summoning 38
Dungeoneering 1Divination 1Invention 1
Archaeology 1Combat 95Quests 172
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As of 8/06/08
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