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The following are recommended perk combinations for various purposes.

Maximum DPS:[edit | edit source]

Periodically zaps your combat target for 50% per rank of your weapon's damage (or 10% per rank in PvP). (1 minute cooldown)
Recommended perks for Melee
Slot Gizmo 1 Gizmo 2
Body Impatient.pngPerk rank 3.pngImpatient 3 Biting.pngPerk rank 3.pngBiting 3
Legs Crackling.pngPerk rank 3.pngCrackling 3 / Reflexes.pngPerk rank 1.pngReflexes 1 N/A

Ranged is recommended for beginners or when dealing with high enrage at Araxxor, as his magic attacks provide the least harmful effect, stat drain, which can be easily countered with use of overloads, and his cleave special attack is more noticeable and easier to avoid.