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Total level: 2132
Attack 91Constitution 91Mining 83
Strength 92Agility 79Smithing 93
Defence 87Herblore 96Fishing 86
Ranged 86Thieving 82Cooking 93
Prayer 95Crafting 82Firemaking 79
Magic 91Fletching 89Woodcutting 81
Runecrafting 73Slayer 84Farming 71
Construction 85Hunter 77Summoning 74
Dungeoneering 92Divination 78Invention 0
Archaeology 1Combat 124.975Quests ----
Music ----Tasks ----RuneScore 5,000
As of 25-12-2012 01:30
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Tasks to Complete[edit | edit source]

Seers' Village Elite Moon Raker
Cast Fertile Soil (lunar) on a farming patch in the area
Runecrafting 40%
73  83 
10 levels

Adventure Log[edit | edit source]