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Lunar spear[edit | edit source]

Quest[edit | edit source]

The Juggernaut[edit | edit source]

Fighting the Juggernaut[edit | edit source]

To fight the Juggernaut, you will need the Lunar spear, along with at least the air-imbued, water-imbued and earth-imbued talismans. He has extremely high defence, can hit high even through protection prayers, and there are no hotspots.

First phase[edit | edit source]

The Juggernaut would start off with full armour. In this phase, he will attack exclusively with melee, and can hit up to 420 with it (252 through protect from melee). You must attack him with the air-imbued spear (either with melee or wind spells) to remove the armour part for part eventually, before you can actually deal any damage to him. Once the armour has dropped on the floor, he will enter its second phase.

Second phase[edit | edit source]

With only the lower layer of chain armour left, the Juggernaut will constantly move out of range, and attack using non-homing magic attacks. They deal up to 380 damage (228 through protect from magic). Once you're coming close to him, it will jump high and land at a random location in the room. After 10 times, he will have no run energy left for about 10 seconds, in which you must hit him with the water-imbued spear (either with melee or water spells) to make him unable to run for a longer period.

Third phase[edit | edit source]

This is the phase in which you get to hit him most. He will mainly use melee dealing up to 420 damage (252 through protect from melee), and occasionally non-homing magic with max damage of 380 (228 through protect from magic). He will randomly walk to the side of the room, and grab its maul. When it attacks with the maul, it can deal up to 840 damage with melee (504 through protect from melee). To make him drop the maul, attack him with the earth-imbued spear (either with melee or earth spells) and it will eventually fall. To prevent him from taking the maul again, attack the Juggernaut with the fire-imbued spear while he is on his way to the maul, to block the path to the maul with fire (either with melee or fire spells).

After about a minute, the Juggernaut will drop his maul if he was carrying it, existing fires from the fire-imbued spear will be extinguished, and his armour will rise and be re-attached to the rest of its armour. Repeat phase 1-3 until the fight is over.

Drops[edit | edit source]

100% Drops[edit | edit source]

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Lunar spear[edit | edit source]

Appearance[edit | edit source]

The Lunar spear requires 90 Attack and 90 Magic to wield. It is a hybrid melee/magic weapon. It has 8 different versions, each according to a magical element from the regular and ancient spellbooks.

The spear has the same blue tinge as the Lunar staff. On top is a very old talisman, which would look like a normal talisman, but more metallic and flat, and with spear-like spikes added to them. The middle of the talisman wouldn't be a rune, but a hollow circle with the according rune's symbol floating inside, using particles (once activated).

Crafing the spear[edit | edit source]

Obtain a Lunar staff, and the damaged talisman dropped by the Juggernaut. Repair the talisman at an anvil, using a Lunar bar. Bring the talisman to the according altar or location (see "Elements"). Also bring 2000 of the according rune(s), or 400 for soul and blood and runes for the Magic Imbue spell.

When you're at the altar/location, cast the Magic Imbue spell. The runes will be charged inside the talisman. Add the imbued talisman to the Lunar staff, and the staff's top will be dismantled and replaced.

Imbued talismans[edit | edit source]

The special effects of the spears can be achieved through both melee attacks and according elemental spells. In addition, all according elemental spells gain a +60 LP damage boost, unless you're using multi-target ancient spells in a multi-combat area, which will give a +20 damage boost to every hit instead.

The talismans are degradable; after 10 hours of combat with an imbued talisman, it will be destroyed and you'll have to get another one by repeating the whole process.

Air-imbued[edit | edit source]

Water-imbued[edit | edit source]

Earth-imbued[edit | edit source]

Fire-imbued[edit | edit source]

Smoke-imbued[edit | edit source]

Shadow-imbued[edit | edit source]

Blood-imbued[edit | edit source]

Ice-imbued[edit | edit source]

Other quest rewards[edit | edit source]

  • 135,000 Attack XP
  • 135,000 Magic XP
  • 135,000 Slayer XP
  • 90,000 Smithing XP
  • 90,000 Runecrafting XP
  • Ability to rematch the Juggernaut for additional old talismans
  • Access to the "Lunar" title