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[[File:Conducting business with Hickton.jpg|thumb|hickton.]] [[File:Artisan workshop2.jpg|thumb|Smelting Cannonballs.]][edit | edit source]

Danbridge was created on Nov. 1, 2017. The son of Doraku. Grandson of Lord Relztik. Today, Danbridge industries have a total of over 16m xp in fletching. We have top of the line cannonballs in stock. Over 1 million arrow shafts fletched.[edit | edit source]

Yes, Danbridge chose to be a skiller for the money, unlike his father, whom died at the hands of the Jagex gods in 2017. His grandfather, Lord Relztik, was born during the fifth age. A devout Sarandomist from Falador, Lord Relztik went on to become a mighty warrior of the Faladorian white knights with 7 capes. He was consumed by the Jagex authenticator, whom would not recognise his password. Sadly, he was deleted from Gielinor by the Jagex gods sometime in 2014 after 9 years of membership.

The story of Danbridge industries:[edit | edit source]

Danbridge (over 16m fletch xp) set out to cut and fletch from the finest wood Gielinor had to offer. He found it in McGrubbor's wood. When you fire an arrow fletched at Danbridge industries, you know it will hit direct target for the kill. Today, Danbridge industries partners in business with Hickton's Archery Emporium in Catherby. They are located on South Center road just north east of the bank. Make sure you ask for supplies made by Danbridge. Quality bows and arrows that will not crack or splinter under pressure or humidity.

Now Danbridge industries makes cannonballs![edit | edit source]

Thats right folks, Danbridge is now manufacturing high quality cannonballs made from the finest guild ore. Smelted with care in the Artisians workshop in Falador. When you fire one of our cannonballs from a royal cannon, you are surely going to get max damage from every shot.

Coming soon:[edit | edit source]

Stayed tuned for the grand opening of Danbridge industries in Dargaud's bows and arrows in the ranging guild in 2021!

The Dwarven Black Guards have purchased millions of cannonballs through Danbridge industries. They wage a strong war on the goblins.

We have a life long contract with Commander Montai of the Gnomic defence force at the Khazard battlefeild. We are the only supplier of arrows to the entire regiment.

Are you even remotely aware that in order to get a fletch cape, one must fletch 2,606,866 arrow shafts from 173,791 regular logs?