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UPDATE: I logged in to RunesScape today, for the first time in two years. All I can say is wow, so much has changed! New things to learn! I don't know if I'll stick around but I did buy 1 month membership. Currently smashing Runespan. (00:45 12 April 2015 UTC +8)

Construction.png This page is always being updated. Most information should be accurate.
Only August 31 2009 until my birthday!

A VERY strong message from Jagex!

If you want a totally awesome sig, ask Lvl 3 Skils3!
My sig which was made by the abovenamed user: Magic-icon.png Runecrafting Dan4096 Hiscores 

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About Me[edit | edit source]

Hi, my name is Daniel and I live in Western Australia. My interests are aviation (I'm in the Australian Air Force Cadets), gaming and game designing (Game Maker FTW!). My RuneScape username is Dan4096 and I've been a member from time to time, probably about 6-7 months in total now.

Skill Training[edit | edit source]

Skill Icon Skill Area/Activity Recommended Items Rewards/Drops/Items Gained Comments
AttackStrengthDefenceConstitution Melee Green Dragons east of Clan Wars Dragon scimitar old.png Abyssal whip.png Anti-dragon shield.png Rune armour set (lg).png [[File:Varrock teleport.png]] Dragon bones.png Green dragonhide.png Clue scroll (hard).png Good experience, close teleport location.
Ranged Ranged Moss Giants on Crandor Magic shortbow.png Iron arrow 5.png Red dragonhide set.png [[File:Varrock teleport.png]] Black kiteshield.png Big bones.png Not crowded in members.
Prayer Prayer Dragon bones with Gilded altar in a POH Dragon bones.png Boots of lightness.png N/A Around 7.4k experience per trip!
Magic Magic (Method 1) Cast High Level Alchemy icon.png High Alchemy on Yew longbows Staff of fire.png Nature rune.png Coins 10000.png Fast experience, large profits if natures are crafted.
Magic Magic (Method 2) Cast Ice Burst at Pest Control. Ancient staff.pngWater rune.png Chaos rune.png Death rune.png Coins 1000.png and PC points. Very fast experience, very expensive.
Magic Magic (Method 3) Cast Fire Wave icon.png Fire Wave at Pest Control. Lava battlestaff.pngFire rune.png Air rune.png Blood rune.png Coins 1000.png and PC points. Fast experience, quite expensive.
Mining Mining Mining Coal at Coal Trucks or the Mining Guild Rune pickaxe.png Coal.png Coal Trucks: Don't need to bank as often.
Guild: Close bank.
Smithing Smithing Mine coal and mithril and make into mithril bars, then smith into scimitars Rune pickaxe.png Hammer.png Coins 10000.png None.
Woodcutting Woodcutting Cut maple trees at Seer's Village Hatchet (class 5).png Logs can be burned or fletched. Close bank, really fast exp with the Sacred clay hatchet.
Firemaking Firemaking Burn maple logs. Tinderbox.png Maple logs.png None. None.
Crafting Crafting Buy flax from the Grand Exchange and spin it into bowstring at the Lumbridge Castle. Flax.png Bowstring.png Coins 1000.png Okay exp, good profits.
Runecrafting Runecrafting Using teletabs from The Great Orb Project, craft law runes, using a ring of dueling to bank at Castle Wars. Boots of lightness.png Law altar teleport.png Emerald ring.png Pure essence.png Small pouch.png Medium pouch.png Large pouch.png Coins 10000.png Law rune.png Fast exp, huge profits (especially if you mine your essence).
Fishing Fishing Eat an Admiral pie to enter the Fishing Guild. Catch lobsters. Lobster pot.png Lobster.png Coins 1000.png Close bank and Summoning Obelisk.
Cooking Cooking Cook lobsters at the Lumbridge Castle range. Lobster.png Coins 1000.png Quite fast experience.
Agility Agility Train at the Wilderness Agility Course Super antipoison (3).png Boots of lightness.png Explorer's ring 3.png None. Hardly anyone is there, but high-level Revenants patrol the area.
Herblore Herblore Buy items from GE and make Stat restore potions. Clean harralander.png Red spiders' eggs.png Restore potion (3).png Somewhat costly, but fairly fast experience.
Thieving Thieving Pickpocket Master Farmers in Draynor Village. Maybe some low-healing food. A wide range of seeds. Okay experience, there is a bank close by in the village.
Fletching Fletching Fletch maple bows. Maple logs.png Volatile clay fletching knife.png Unfinished maple bows. Fast experience (really fast with volatile knife), and free if you cut your own logs.
Slayer Slayer Whatever task that is given. Abyssal whip.png Rune armour set (lg).png Monkfish.png [[File:Varrock teleport.png]] Dragon spear.png
Various items dropped by different monsters.
Dragons (metal or otherwise) are preferred for me.
Farming Farming Use seeds obtained from Theiving to plant various crops, etc. Seeds Spade.png Rake.png Compost.png Amulet of farming.png Various vegetables and herbs. Slow to train, not one of my favourite skills.
Construction Construction Buy matierals and improve my POH. Iron nails.png Hammer.png Plank.png No items, but POH can be 'shown off'. Not great to train, expensive.
Hunter Hunter Snate Tropical Wagtails in the Feldip Hills. Bird snare.png Bones.png Raw bird meat.png Stripy feather.png Feathers can be sold or used in Fishing. Another of my 'less popular' skills.
Summoning Summoning Create Granite Crab pouches Spirit shards.png Iron ore.png Gold charm.png Granite crab pouch.png A useful skill, but somewhat costly and slow to train.

Shooting Star Landing Places[edit | edit source]

Skill Goals[edit | edit source]

Short-term[edit | edit source]

Attack level 75: achieved!

Fishing 73%
66  70 
4 levels
Mining 82%
68  70 
2 levels

Long-term[edit | edit source]

Magic 15%
80  99 
19 levels
Runecrafting 3%
61  99 
38 levels

Non-skill goals[edit | edit source]

Killing[edit | edit source]

Kill the Kalphite Queen (team).
Kill the King Black Dragon (team).
Kill an Iron Dragon.(done)
Kill a Steel Dragon. (done)
Kill a Mithril Dragon.

Items[edit | edit source]

Get full Ahrim's

Quests[edit | edit source]

Between a Rock...
Big Chompy Bird Hunting
Cabin Fever
Catapult Construction

Polls[edit | edit source]

Some polls to vote in!

  1. What is you combat level (exept Summoning)?
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Thanks for looking at my userpage.

I'd like to thank User:Lvl_3_skils3 for my awesome sig! (Have I said that before?) Also, thanks for the userpage code ^_^

It will take some time to restore chaos.
— George W. Bush

Funny Quotes from the Postbag[edit | edit source]

A player asks Zamorak for a Rune 2h sword. Here is the Unholy One's response:

Whats up with this? Why do people think I care about them enough to give them stuff?

Go with those other guys looking for that monster. Take plenty of stuff. I GUARANTEE even if you don't find the monster someone will give you a Rune 2 hander. Blade first. You'll get a free teleport to Lumbridge too.

— Zamorak, God of Chaos

Another quote: A player asks Zamorak why we can't hug sheep.

I feel physically ill.

I really hate sheep. I don't know whether its their stupid fluffy white bodies, their ugly stupid faces, the annoying idiotic noises they make as you walk near them, or Guthix's unhealthy love for them. I REALLY HATE sheep.

— Zamorak, God of Chaos

A player asks Zamorak where his wine is, so he can defend it from theives:

Yeah, what do you take me for? Do you think I was born last century? I'm not telling you where to steal my wine from.


— Zamorak, God of Chaos

A player warns that Zaros will come to destroy Zamorak:


...Ok, thats not funny. Don't. Just don't. I'm not scared of anyone ok? Zaros is gone. So don't lie to me ok? He's gone, and I'm not scared of him even if he isn't.


Not scared. Not even worried. At all. DEFINITELY not. Seriously. Anyone who says I got lucky last time is just a dirty liar. Hah, you're just playing a trick on old Zamorak right? Right? Because I'm not scared at all. So don't try and scare me like that, because it WON'T work. I'm totally not scared.

— Zamorak, God of Chaos

A player asks, "boxers or briefs"...

One answer: commando.
— Zamorak, God of Chaos

A player complains about being killed in the wilderness...

For gods' sake - all three of us - that's the whole point about the wilderness: it's dangerous! And as much as I despise my brother Saradomin, even he recognises that the Wilderness is a place of chaos, death and destruction.

We're not trying to run a theme park here...

— Zamorak, God of Chaos