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username: daedalusl type: mage and melee this are my biggest stories

I have no idea what to write on, but, here are some tips when being in wildy and having problems with our friendly reverants:

1)turn auto-retaliate off, if not when its attacked, your kinda screwed 2)run as fast as you can, if you can, eat as you run. even if you are stronger than the reverant. your energy has to be at least 100%. 3)have full inventory of food, and at least tuna (lobbies and swordies are good for f2p and sharks and manta rays are really good for p2p) 4)Never, absolutly never fight it, and teleport to somewhere as soon as you can (wildy lvls 20 and below) 5)be always paying attention. if you see a reverant, and didnt attacked you, still run, they never rest until they kill their prey and their companions. 6)no matter your combat level, dont mess with them unless you want to (quests and stuff) they are stronger than what they look (normal hits 14+ or for really strong ones 25+) 7)have speakers on, they will help you hear when reverants attack (magic) 8)Always plan expeditions to wildy, be prepared for the worst (reverants) 9)The more friends you are, the better and safer (lets face it, less chance you are the attacked one)

if you do all this, with some luck you could safe yourself.

this is a cronic that my friend and me in wildy.

We where going to slay greater demons, whom are kinda easy. Eventually, at lvl 33 my friend (combat 55) got attacked by surprise a vampire reverant. We ran, I (combat 57) run not going behind and ready to eat just in case, and my friend ran and stopped to eat. This was a mixture of confusion and lag, but we just got to the greater demons. My energy was in 75% and my friends energy in 30%. We started to kill demons, and thought that the attack of the reverants had stopped. After 10 minutes, the reverant appeard, and thanks to the fact that my speakers where on, I quickly heard the spell, and since demons dont use magic, and reverants attack where the same sound, we both decided to run, but my friend had auto-retaliate on, so i ran west, since lava blocked south, and he ran north, making him fight the reverant. I freaked out, and ran as much as i can, passed the saphire respawn mountain, and since my friend was in my room with me, the next thing i heard was "dude im dead". The running took me to fight mossys and i didnt saw the reverant. I thought he had killed already his pray, so i started killing mossys.

After about 5 dead mossys, the reverant appeard, froze me and attacked. I had about 26 tunas, and my friend died with 20 salmons. I ran south west until i got blocked by a mountain. I had only 3% energy left. I had to walk. The reverant continued on and on and on. I continued with this pattern (walk, eat, -14. walk, eat, -17, etc, etc) Suddenly i saw i only had few tunas, about 3 or 4 tunas (i didnt had time to count the amount i was eating). I ran with all my energy left, and finally i got wildy lvl 20. with 0 tunas, saying i was not loosing full zammy that cost me 5 months of work, i teleported with 5hp left, and as the spell was flying towards me, in the last second i teleported to varrock. There, i found my friend that lost full rune.

This tought us all about reverants in wildy, showing that reverants are just a pure program fail with the intention of killing all players in wildy, or just the strongest monsters for f2p.