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Rescue the Warrior[edit | edit source]

Official quest description: The brave warrior Lonkarse has been kiddnaped by the evil kremlocks can you rescue him?
Start: By talking to the Wise Old Man in Draynor Village
Difficulty: 5*****
Length: Short
Members only: No
Requirements: At least level 25 Attack, patience to watch several long cutscenes, level 7 defence, and Demon Slayer
Items needed: Silverlight, steel full helmet, iron platelegs, bowl, purple dye, and chocolate dust (made by using knife on chocolate bar)

Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.

In this quest you rescue the warrior Lonkarse from the evil kremlocks. When you start the Wise Old Man will tell you to either get Silverlight from your bank or inventory and equip it. Note: If you already have Silverlight equiped this part will be skipped. Then he will tele you to the kremlocks city of "Guiordak" where you must fight kremlocks until you reach the castle. Note: When you kill kremlocks you'll get kremlock armour, which is wearable. Once you get to the castle you must fight guard kremlocks who'll drop kremlock weaponry.

Then you must find Lonkarse and use the purple dye on the lock of the door he is in a dungien (sp) and then you'll meet the dungien master who has some dry clay for a potion swap the clay for the chocolate dust and because the dungien master is colour-blind he will put the chocolate dust in the potion and drink it thus dying. Then use the bowl on the window to throw it out the window it'll hit a kremlock and the rest will think the apocolypse is coming. Then use either Lumbridge Home Port or Tele to Lumbridge when you get there you'll see that Lonkarse tele'd to and the Wise Old Man will be there to reward you when you speak to him.

Kremlock[edit | edit source]

The Kremlock are an evil race of creatures who kiddnapped the warror Lonkarse which sparked the Rescue the Prince quest. They are found in their city "Guiordak"

Drops[edit | edit source]

100% Drop: Kremlock Bones, Kremlock Armour

Other Drops: Coins (4-53) iron ore Rune 2h (rare) Rune platebody (rarest)

Guiordak[edit | edit source]

Relativelocation |location=Guiordak |south=Black Knight's Fortress |north=Wilderness |west=Undeveloped |east=Undeveloped

Guiordak is the Kremlock's city it is realativly small only containing a General Store, a house with a range inside, and the castle although most of the Kremlock's live underground in houses the poorest living in huts the richest living in what could be compared to a completed POH. The underground part of Guiordak can be accessed by going in the trapdoor in the castle. You can only access Guiordak after completing the Rescue the Warrior quest. Also note, only the store owner's aren't NOT attackable.

Stoopid Armour

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