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Player Character
Wherever he wants to be...
Sell Items?
Not bad, considering GamePlay style
223 and Counting
A Follower of Balance
Notable Features
His Knowledge of the World of Geilinor, and his thirst for more understanding.
Proudest Levels: 55 RuneCrafting, 66 Crafting, 58 Firemaking
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CaseFile: Da_Dragon555[edit | edit source]

Da_Dragon555 is a Player-Controlled Character (PCC) that has been playing Runescape since [September '04]. He is currently under observation by the Temple Knights, and thus have labeled him as an "Ultraviolet Archangel" threat, not for his Combat prowess, but for his intense knowledge of Runescape and Similar Dimensions. Much of his knowledge could prove dangerous, providing it fell into the wrong hands.

Game Play Style[edit | edit source]

Da_Dragon555 is a major proponent of the "Have Fun, It's just a Game" Game-Play Style. While there are time in which he does so-called "Power-Training", he highly encourages you to, once in a while, "Stop and Smell the Pixels." He is an aficionado of the RuneCrafting Skill, currently holding the level of 54, with an according rank of 195,175 in the Skill. Other skill levels that hs is proud of include his level 56 Crafting and 54 FireMaking. While personally disliking the skill of Mining, he has recognized it's importance in the long haul, and has attained membership in the Mining guild. He is also a member of multiple other Skill-Guilds, such as the Cooking and Crafting Guilds.

Da_Dragon555, as stated above, follows a moderate Game-Play Style, Skilling often, but taking time out of his schedule to attend Group Events, as well as play various Mini-Games. His is quite versed in the sciences revolving around RuneCrafting, and is quite glad to occasionally help Wizard Acantha or Wizard Vief in their research.

Personal Info[edit | edit source]

Warning: The Information contained in the following Section may be highly Fictional.

The Real Da_Dragon555[edit | edit source]

Da_Dragon555 is afflicted with an Outer-Game Persona (OGP), a symptom of a phenomena that some Researchers (and the Blue Moon Inn Bartender) refer to as "Real Life Existance" (RLE), something that causes him to sleep and dream of other Dimensions. Visits with various Healers, Mind-Mages, Oracles, and Gypsy Aris have revealed many details about the "Outer-Game Persona," of which many are discussed here.

Da_Dragon555's "Outer-Game Persona" is known as Matthew, an odd and uncommon name in this world, which is apparently much more common in the Dimension in which he exists. This subject Matthew, which we will refer to form now on as "M", is also a creature of the Human Race. Side-Note: Assuming this Creature "M" is real, and not only a Hallucination, this may be the dimension that Humans originated from when passing through the World Gate. Further Investigation Suggested.

Location[edit | edit source]

Subject "M" is, again, a Human, and lives in a place known only as "Illinois", which Da_Dragon555 has said apparently resides in a Kingdom known as "Amare'e-Kah." Information regarding this place still somewhat sketchy, though investigations are in progress. Da_Dragon555 says that that "M"'s home-town is in a Northern area of the World, but still within a temperate Climate (See Professor Arblenap of the Gnome Kingdom for more information on these "Climates"). The nearest large city is a place referred to as Chicago (Pronounced "She'kah-go") where "M" is encouraged to "Vote Early and Often."

Religious Affiliations[edit | edit source]

According to our only source, Da_Dragon555, Subject "M" follows a mixed view of Religion. In his daily life, he follows a philosophy of Balance, similar to the followers of Guthix. Officially, he is a member of an Organization called the "Row'men Cath'o-lick" Church, which, according to our sources, is very similar to the Church of Saradomin, though it does not recognize any other god(s). This mix of beliefs is similar to the Modern-day Chaos Druid, a follower of both Zamorak and Guthix.

Group Affiliations[edit | edit source]

Da_Dragon555 is a Proud Member of the TruthScape Community, and has had affiliations with various other groups, notably the Geilinor Tribune, the Knights of the Varden Clan (since disbanded), and the late Misthalin Forums, holding a position of "Runescape Category Manager" at the latter. He is also a member of many other communities, but is significantly less active at those locations. He tends to use the name "Da_Dragon555" (or similar) everywhere he goes, so if you spot this name elsewhere, it is most likely the same person.