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The mage turns you into a chicken and puts you in the cage with the others. Vannaka runs in and kills you with an Air Strike. Then he realizes you have fused with his shield. You then come back to life and turn into a dragon chicken and scorch him in 1 hit. You feel very powerful. Then a lvl 3 comes in and shoots a bronze arrow at your crotch which causes you to die and blow up. The explosion is so big it destroys all of RuneScape. As Jagex tries to rebuild RuneScape, their computers crash.
Angered by this, Jagex and all of the RuneScape fans find your burnt remains, put them in a box and label it "NOOB DOOMSDAY CREATURE". It is placed on a memorial along with various pictures of you in human and chicken form. Every day, people come by and throw tomatoes at your monument and make fun of you. Such a shame... You destroyed RuneScape and now everyone hates you.

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