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Welcome to Manly Mils![edit | edit source]

We all need a spare mill or 649 sometimes. How to get one easy*? Merch with Manly Mils! We are semi-private merch clan that works on community basis and operates from different member's clan chats.

What's our key to success? We merch at least 3 items at once, ensuring prfit by diversifying our investments. That methodic has been proven to exponentionally` increase one's monetary stance in unbelieveably short amounts of time. By splitting up the capital, we ensure that the barest minimum will be lack of either gains or losses. However, if the items' prices to variate as we expected successfully, there will be much to reap!

Still unconvinced? Think about it - you can make money literally in your sleep! This moneymaking method is on fire, so why not pour some more oil in? All members will "dump" at the same price - we do not* scam. It's an easy way to fatten your wallet, and unlike skills like fishing, completely stress-free! So, join in today and become rich tommorrow!

Current item(s)[edit | edit source]

Pervious items[edit | edit source]

Don't miss any more of our great enterprises!

* - the nature of these statements is questionable at the best.

` - negative fractional exponents were used as an example.