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Territories left:

  • Feldip Hills (includes Gu'tanoth, Jiggig and the Hunting Areas)
  • Khazard Areas (fighting Arena, Port Khazard, Monastery, Necromancer, Tower of life)
  • Tree Gnome Village (Battlefield, Observatory, ZMI)
  • Witchhaven - Fishing guild
  • Baxtorian (Coal Trucks, Glarial's tomb, Lighthouse, Barbarian outpost, Otto's Grotto)
  • Tree Gnome Stronghld (All withing the borders)
  • Piscatoris (Up to Outpost, includes Eagles peak and Phoenix)
  • Southern Desert (Sophanem, Menaphos, Quarry, 2 pyramids, Swamp)
  • Burgh De Rott + half of Mort Myre Swamp
  • Digsite Area
  • Lower Wilderness
  • Trollheim
  • Miscellania Etc.