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<nowiki>[[File:Void_ranger.png|thumb|left|92px|Range]][[File:White_knight.png|thumb|65px|I am a White knight]]

another of my fave NPCs
My fave NPC
Guthix my fave RS god

File:Magic missile defence.gif|thumb|244px|Warriors' Guild Minigame

I am a Frenimmik

I am Cyfer360 (on runescape wikia) and Cyfer360 (in runescape). If you want to ask me a question or talk to me just pm me in-game.

I am a melee-range hybrid. I use melee more often but I train range more. I am going for 99 range, construction, and fishing. And 200M, LOL! I normally use a dragon longsword or dragon dagger p++. For range I usually use a yew comp bow or magic short bow... to Train any combat skill I usually train on rock crabs, experiments, or lesser demons.

My Goals

-to get at least 1M

-to get 99 fishing

-to get 99 construction

-to get 99 range

-to gain entrence to the Warriors' Guild

-To do the heroes' quest

I have also had activity on the runescape[1] forums. I have made many clans, but they failed... LOL. And I have joined many clans to. My favorite clan I've ever joined is probably the Empire of Lumbridge (which is no longer in existance do to chaotic and sad events). I have also written stories on the forums. One of my stories is the winged {1}[2].

The Great Tale of the Empire Of Lumbridge

Once in March of the year 2008 A.D. rose an empire upon runescape. Its name was the Empire of Lumbridge. It became very strong with its first leader, until he left. When he the heir took the throne. The empire became even stronger under his rule. One day the orginal leader of the empire joine the Empire Of Varrock, and threatened the Empire of Lumbridge. Its leader replied with a, "Stay of our thread or we will smear your clan to the ground." Not the most pleasant thing to see, ehh? So the first leader did as the second leader instructed... Then one day the second leader got tired of running his empire, and handed it to his heir. shortly after the heir took the throne he went to the doctors office, and the doctor said he had a tumor in his brain. His condition made him quit runscape, and with no heir: close down the empire...