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i have 2 names on runescape one is cutsmen lvl 60 the other sirodim980 lvl 42

Quests ive finished

Black Knight's Fortress, Cook's Assistant, Demon Slayer, Doric's Quest, Dragon Slayer Ernest the Chicken, Goblin Diplomacy, Imp Catcher, Knight's Sword, Pirate's Treasure, Prince Ali Rescue, Restless Ghost, Romeo & Juliet, Rune Mysteries, Sheep Shearer, Shield of Arrav, Vampire Slayer, Witches Potion ~too lazy to finish this one,

More about me[edit | edit source]

ive been playing Runescape for quite a while but i took a long 2 year absence from the game after it stared to bore me. but out of boredom i decided "i have nothing else to do know so i guess ill play runescape again" that was about a month or 2 ago but i cant stop playing now. its more fun than before

Random runescape stuff[edit | edit source]

[[1]]runescape videos