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Ctrain1993[edit | edit source]

Hello my name is calvin and i love runescpae and kaneva. I play it on a weekly usally 5-6 times a week. I like doing stuff on the comouter like programming, editing ect. In runescape i am a member and i like being a member my self. Im part of kaneva and part of many communitys that help it. I can take pic of any thing in runescape or kaneva that i can get to. I can also take pics of other games, desktops, pages, and thing you can see on a screen i cna take pics of it. I can also take viddeos of anything on a screen. I have been a member for about 1 year but only have gotten holiday things since october (when i first realized that you get stuff for the holidays).

if any one neeeds a pic/vid of runescape or kaneva then contact me.