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Until I figure out how I want this formatted, please treat this as a talk page and sign your posts.,84,963,59612668

Shift + Click = Use[edit | edit source]

Hold down shift and click on an item in your inventory and the 'use' option will be used instead of the default left click option.

This would help on items that are lost or changed by the regular 'left' click option, for example assembling pizzas and other foods, or using herbs on a leprechaun.

Drag'n'drop[edit | edit source]

(hopefully this isn't a patented technology :P)

Drag items out of your inventory square and they will be 'used' on whatever item you drop them on. (Possibly while holding the shift key). This will be a configurable option.

If you drag an item out of your inventory and do not use it on anything in particular, it will drop at your feet.

The reason for this suggestion (besides the obvious one) is that inside the inventory box an action takes place when the mouse clicks up; if you are moving the mouse before you release the mouse key, you move the item; if you just click the default action takes place.

Give Runecrafting some love[edit | edit source]

Runescape is named in part for runes! Runes come from runecrafting. Runecrafting hasn't really been seriously updated since it came out. (Pouches are too annoying to really count).

I don't want runecrafting to become an easy skill, or sped up, or to make billions per hour, but it could use some help.

My idea is a single-player Great Orb Project where you receive experience slightly more slowly than crafting at Ourania and do not keep your runes. (You would only get exp for this, and you would only have to fight the computer not other players.) (The reason I say single player is that currently teams can become heavily unbalanced and games can quickly become unwinnable as players leave the losing team [I know there are CCs for this, but I do not believe there can be better solutions])

I would love to hear your ideas for making runecrafting better without making it significantly faster.

Don't keep us in the dark![edit | edit source]

We are told that wearing armor helps reduce damage.

We are told that baiting a trap helps with hunter.

We are told that certain items help in certain ways.

Many times we cannot verify these things, for example:

When is Void Knight Armor better (for attack stats) than stat boosting armor?

How much does camouflage help? Bait? Smoking a trap? Hunter-related familiars?

What items stack when meleeing/skilling: Dragonslayer gloves, black mask/slayer mask, salve amulet?

What does the ring of wealth do/affect? (Q&A mentioned this, we have no more information yet).

Is there a hard limit on the number of level 3 clue scrolls you can get in 1 day?

More to come here.

Prayer Familiar[edit | edit source]

A prayer familiar in the 70 - 90 range that a player can use bones on to restore prayer/give extra prayer exp. This is an either/or suggestion, both would be nice but either would be better than none.

Familiar Name: Bone Minion Summoning Level: 94 Summoning Experience – Pouch: 840 Summoning Experience - Summon: 9.4 Summoning Experience - Scroll: 9.4 Items Required: Blue Charm + Wyvern Bones + 240 Shards Time: 77 minutes Combat Style: Controlled (only in self defense) Combat Level: 200 Skill Focus: Prayer Scroll: Worship

Scroll would use up all bones in inventory, giving exp and restoring some prayer points.

Mining Familiar improvement (slight)[edit | edit source]

Adamant Minotaur (or another familiar, I don't care which) could transmute ores / granite / sandstone / mining products to runes (earth mainly with rare lava, dust and mud runes).

(Bunyip already does this for fishing, Ent does this for essence)

Slayer Familiar[edit | edit source]

A slayer familiar that combines all the finishing items, and will automatically finish off any slayer monster that requires a finishing move (Zygomite, Gargoyle, etc, etc) you are fighting (but you must reduce its hp to 0).

Secondaries include: Bag of Salt (stacks) Ice cooler (stacks) Fungicide Refill (10 dose) Rock hammer (does not stack)

One of each (1/10 for fungicide refill) would be required to make a pouch for this beast.

Quick travel and familiars[edit | edit source]

There are some areas that you cannot take a familiar and some quick travels that you must dismiss your familiar to use. After you use the quick travel, or get to the area, you may then summon another familiar. (I am thinking of the mine-cart system, the balloon system, and the passage through the whirlpool).

Instead of requiring you to dismiss your familiar, these passages could instead force your familiar to drop all of its items (which is the only real reason I can see for having this check at all).

POH churn[edit | edit source]

Player owned houses are great for showing off... and about three other things (stat restoration (altar, obelisk, fire pit :P), storage (pets, armor, treasure trail items) and teleports (including teletabs)).

There should be a churn in the kitchen that is faster (to much faster) than the churns available elsewhere in runescape.

There could be an oak churn all the way up to a magic churn (using a magic stone).

Yes, I know what I'm doing.[edit | edit source]

Randoms are annoying enough; I don't need the NPC to ask me if I know what I'm doing every single time. (Molly, the Sandwich Lady, the Frogs, Capt Arnav, and Leo do this.) If I have successfully completed the event 3 times in a row, don't ask me if I know what I'm doing.

Bait Station[edit | edit source]

Almost no hunter bait stacks. Almost no one ever uses bait. Two solutions (pick one [or both :P ]) : Make stackable bait; Add a bait station that makes all your traps in the area look baited to the critters you are hunting.

You must use bait on the bait station periodically (every 5 minutes for instance) and must perform upkeep on it to keep it from disintegrating (perhaps using a log on it with a knife in your inventory, or perhaps just right-click-> repair.)

Blast Furnace[edit | edit source]

Make Ordan less cumbersome to trade with (make him more like butlers [good job on butlers by the way Jagex, very nicely done there]).

Add an apparatus to make cannonballs at Blast Furnace. It would degrade with use (possibly every use), requiring specialty parts and (possibly) alloys to maintain. The manufacture of these parts would take place at another facility (perhaps a regular furnace using a separate mould). This would help even out the timing of being able to smith cannonballs directly. Also to help even out the timing, up to 1/3 of the cannonballs you craft would be 'defective' and automatically discarded. As your smithing level increases your defect rate goes down.

In-Game to Forum Link[edit | edit source]

It would be nice to have links from the game to forums, for instance when you join a Clan Chat, the forum thread link for that Clan would show up in your chat.

Public Modding System for forums[edit | edit source]

Vote up and down posts and threads.

One login to rule them all[edit | edit source]

When I log into the game I should also log into the website (like funorb). (I'm sure there is some legacy code here, icky nasty legacy code must die)

Change my GE offer[edit | edit source]

It would be *nice* to change my GE offer without dismissing it and then re-offering. (If there is some sort of queue involved in the order GE offers are made, I wont mind being bumped back).

The initial bank withdrawal options should be 1,14,100,X, and all.[edit | edit source]

Currently the options are 1,5,10,X, and all. I almost NEVER use 5 and rarely use 10. I do, however withdraw 14 items quite regularly (when making potions, etc) and 100 quite often. I realize there is an X option and now your bank remembers, and this is quite nice, but I believe 14 and 100 would be used much more than 5 and 10.

All Official Accounts[edit | edit source]

There should be a page with links to all official Jagex accounts (Twitter, Facebook, and so on) on the front page (or somewhere else handy, I can't find any of these anywhere other than old news posts).

If you are going to have these accounts it is much better to list them in a trusted place than having people try to figure out if the one they are looking at is actually Jagex (and perhaps clicking a malicious link).

Inferno Adze[edit | edit source]

1. Upgrade this to same mining stats as dragon pick-axe please.

2. Please let me get 1 of these every time I complete the Minigame. I enjoy the minigame, but not enough to complete it every time I need to replace this.

3. Add a small chance to insta-smelt ores (a very small chance).

Implings in the wilderness[edit | edit source]

There are none. The wildy is supposed to have more and better items (rune rocks, herblore spawns, rune spawns, etc), but there are no implings there. There should be some. (Perhaps a level 90 revenant impling!)

Long Death Animations[edit | edit source]

Long Death animations are fine... but let me get my loot EXACTLY when the monster reaches 0 hp. The delay may not seem like much to the artist or developer who designs and implements these animations, but it adds up (and its just annoying).

Jennica's Ring[edit | edit source]

Equipping Jennica's ring should operate it (like equipping a skillcape) so that you don't have to equip it and then operate it to use the portals. You just just equip it while standing on a portal and teleport to the other realm.

Cactus Spines and Nightshade[edit | edit source]

Why are the harvest numbers for these so small? These should really be increased.

Charging weapons[edit | edit source]

This has been suggested in various forms before, but heres my idea:

We should be able to charge various (a limited number) of weapons, perhaps limited to certain quest weapons, to do more or different kinds of damage. For example, Silverlight can be enhanced to Darklight, but even with this enhancement it is still relatively weak compared to other weapons (even versus demons). (Also Keris and Wolfbane

This could be done with a Lunar spell; a lunar spell + a new potion; a lunar spell + a potion + a new altar/charging area, or any combination of these.

This enhancement would wear off after a number of strikes (500 or so) and would have to be re-applied.

Brutal Bolts[edit | edit source]

It would be nice to have brutal bolts that do crush-based damage. To compensate for being able to do another type of damage their range strength bonus would be reduced. To make them you simply use nails with unfinished bolts of the same type: rune nails -> rune unfinished bolts = rune brutal bolts, etc.

Charm Attractor / Upgrader[edit | edit source]

A new device from Mobilizing Armies (or MA themed quest) available at each level from recruit to war-chief; worn as a back-pack in the cape slot. Charm drops have a chance of being improved as you wear it. You may either recieve an extra charm or an upgrade to what would have been dropped. After a number of charms upgrades you have to recharge it with reward credits.

As an alternative to the above idea, the Fury amulet could be enchanted to upgrade charm drops.

Practice Jad[edit | edit source]

I'm a level 136 noob. I can get to Jad 5 times a day easy, but I have yet to beat him. I think that if you have gotten to wave 63 (Jad) you should be able to practice on a 'virtual' Jad. Defeating him during practice gains you nothing at all. No experience points, no fire cape, no tokkul. Just the knowledge and personal experience needed to stand a fighting chance.

If you like I could even pay for the priveledge of getting completely and absolutely owned by this fearsome monster (I would even pay in tokkul).

Remember Jagex, we spend hours playing your game, but we would like to determine where we spend those hours.

Constitution cape.png csoursTalkIdeas Quest point cape.png 05:37, October 7, 2009 (UTC)