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User stats[edit | edit source]

Generates a table similar to Template:User stats, but displaying user's virtual skill levels.

{{User:Cryptarch/Templates/User stats|RSNameHere}}

Goal[edit | edit source]

Adapted from Template:Goal, displays progress towards virtual level 120.

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Goal2[edit | edit source]

Compact version of Goal.


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Effigy skills[edit | edit source]

Checks off the requirements to open various stages of Ancient effigies.

{{User:Cryptarch/Templates/Effigy skills|UserNameHere}}

Notepaper[edit | edit source]

Calculates profit of collecting specified items using Magic notepaper.

Currently a work in progress.

Pastafarian[edit | edit source]

Declare your faith in the Flying Spaghetti Monster (S.B.U.H.).

FSMuserboxicon_zps7b9a8309.png This user is a Pastafarian.