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Goals for my 13 pray low level rune ranger (started April 20th 2010). Mostly just a spot I can store notes accessible from anywhere.

Rune Mysteries
Knight's sword
Cook's Assistant
Goblin Diplomacy
Demon Slayer
Dragon Slayer

Restless Ghost
Shield of Arrav
The Blood Pact
Vampire Slayer
Doric's Quest
Ernest the Chicken

Gunnar's Ground

Imp Catcher

Black Knight's Fortress

Animal Magnetism
Lost City
Fremmenik Trials
Shilo Village
Jungle Potion
Druidic Ritual
What lies below
Merlin's Crystal

Lunar Diplomacy
Digsite Quest
Tourist Trap
Temple of Ikov
Deasert Treasure
Priest in Peril
Troll Stronghold
Death Plateau
Grand Tree
Tree Gnome Village

Forgiveness of a Chaos Dwarf
Forgettable Tale of a Drunken Dwarf
Underground Pass
Family Crest
Hero's Quest
Between A Rock
Dwarven Cannon
Fishing Contest

Giant Dwarf
Recipe for Disaster
Gertrude's Cat
The Golem
Shadow of the Storm
Big Chompy Bird hunting
Witch's house
Plague City
Murder Mystery
Nature Spirit
Started Legend's Quest (Barrows Gloves)
Monkey Madness

Quest Stats

25 fletch

48 Agility
25 Herb
53 Thief
10 Slay

61 Hunt
17 Farming
61 Craft
61 FM

60 Mining
70 Cooking

55 Woodcutting

50 Smithing
40 Defence
65 Magic
35 Runecrafting

40 Ranged
53 Fishing

Final Stats

Attack 40/50 (Quested from now on)

Strength 52/93

Defense 35/40 (Quested from now on)

Prayer 2/13

Magic 51/94

Ranged 17/94

Constitution 45/80

Slayer 1/55 (Leaf Bladed Sword)

Total Combat: 50/77