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This is the page about art requirements. See RSWNP signup page if you wish to submit featured art.

Hello all here are the requirements for featured art (please read thru it completely):

  • Related RuneScape
  • Self created
  • Voted for by users (majority wins)

Also, if you would like, you can also write an Editorial or Interview or a comic, and post those on the appropriate page as long as an editor has edited it and you have signed up for it. Please upload your featured art to Photobucket or Imageshack, and not the RuneScape Wiki as it could be used as vandalism or as an incorrect image. When you are finished with your artwork, and there will be a voting for it to be on the featured art page. If your artwork wins, you will be contacted and you may post it. Thanks to all that follow this!

Art[edit | edit source]