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This is the page about editorial and article requirements. See RSWNP signup page if you wish to make an editorial/article.

Hello all here are the requirements for an editorial/article (please read thru it completely):

  • Related RuneScape or The RuneScape Wiki
  • With no incorrectly spelled words
  • PG Rated (Attacking a player is allowed but no inappropriate language)


  • EDITED by an editor
  • Correctly punctuated
  • Correctly capitalised
  • Correctly grammeratised
  • Written in British spellings and measurements (E.g., color → colour, lbs. → kg.) (if you don't do this, there will be a reminder for your next comic to make them in British spellings)

You may sign your article. This was previously not allowed. Also, if you would like, you can also make a comic or more, and post those on the appropriate page as long as an editor has edited it and you have signed up for it. When you are finished with your editorial/article, please put it on this page and Crazy sasori or another editor will post it on the main page if you don't know how to after it is edited. Thanks to all that follow this!

Edited Editorials/Articles[edit | edit source]

Unedited Editorials/Articles[edit | edit source]