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This is the page about classified requirements. See RSWNP signup page if you wish to make a classified.

Hello all here are the requirements for a classified (There aren't much) (please read thru it completely):

  • It's an advertisement. Whether it is for item lending or signature making it has to say why they would want you to make/do something for them
  • PG rated (no inappropriate language)
  • Have the guidelines below:
This is an example (notice it has the title bolded. It should always be bolded and the following lines can also be bolded)
You would have a motto or similar here (on this line you would have a motto or reasons why to get/use this (can be a question))
A reason to get/use this (a reason or conclusion of your classified. This could be the last line)
Link to the page where the user could request sigs, items etc (the link row. This tow could be eliminated if it is in the title or the line above)
I have NOT been blocked I'm now Armadyl BunnyThis is important (the signature row if wanted. You can also post images in your classified)

You may also sign your classified. Also, if you would like, you can also write an Editorial or Interview or comic, and post those on the appropriate page as long as an editor has edited it and you have signed up for it. you can post it as a template like " Template:User:example/example classified " or you can post it as the actual format. You should also test it on the sandbox page Thanks to all that follow this!

Examples[edit | edit source]

Rune kiteshield detail.png

Sir Scizor1's Lending Service
Lending High-quality Rune armor and weapons since 2008.
Cheaper than ever,and still offering free lobsters with every order!

Need a Clickpic sig?
Can't be bothered to make one yourself?
Drop a note here and I will make you one!
Joe Click Here for Awesomeness

|User:Lvl 3 skils3/Holiday Sign