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Welcome X D!!!!![edit | edit source]

Count Of Fom
Combat Level
Slayer Level
Christian, otherwise Guuuuuuuthixxxxxxx!
Member's only?
Currently, no.
Depends, if annoyed, deadly.
When mem, definitely.
Favorite Mod?
Mod Se7en, Mod French and of course, MMG :D.
Attack style
All, but melee is my area of expertise.
Examine info
Sexy druid from a tropical paradise!

General Stuff[edit | edit source]

Well, I'm Count Of Fom, and I started playing Runescape on the week the 2008 Hallow'een Event was released, so I'm pretty much a noob compared to some older players :P, though i do have some cool levels so you can just pay a visit to my Highscores, so go and check it out  :D. (how do u do hyperlink stuff? Oh well, I'll do without ). I play Runescape under the name Towards Zero since 2nd October, 2009, (a day after Display Names was released) and on the past months it has become a major pastime for me, dedicating 4 hours each day on various things.

Origins and Personal Info![edit | edit source]

I live in Panama, Central America, little neat country of mine which has seen me grow :D. I am as you would guess fluent in Spanish and in English, thanks to my ascendency. I am white lol, as many people think I am black just for the fact I'm Latin ( I'd say they're a bunch of stupid racists :P), and to end with the personal stuff I'm in high school, senior year.

Goodies[edit | edit source]

  • Things I love: Madonna, Bleach (anime), Naruto, Runescape :P, Agatha Christie's books and Facebook!, feeling very christian ( I believe in God, but rarely pray at all, I feel He's gonna punish me one of these days XO).
  • Things i hate: Discrimination of any type, noobs, beggars, SPAMMERS and scammers.

Runescape Goals and Expectations[edit | edit source]

  • Goals:

Long-Term: To be the ultimate best, better then Gertjaars if possible.

Short-Term: Get 99 Woodcutting(I'm 89) and 99 Strenght (70).

  • Expectations: I always expect to have fun, but I have a stronger feeling of extremely competitive and become the best of whatever I get my eyes on to, that's why sometimes i can bore myself to death, but I never abuse my time on-line. There's a life out there :D.

Wikia Goals and Expectations[edit | edit source]

  • Goals: I aim to write articles that are helpful, interesting and innovative at the same time. I will abide the rules this site has and be aware that others abide them too. I will help you if need assistance, but within my limited capabilities, as I barely know how to edit myself :P. Don't hesitate to ask though.
  • Expectations: I expect to have a great time and meet some new buddies :).

UserBoxes[edit | edit source]

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