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about me

I've been playing RuneScape ever since 2003 on my friends computers abd rarley at my own house (Dial-Up). After a while I fell out and picked back up again in 2010. I realized a lot of my old friends still played, and a few new ones did too. I always prefer to be somewhere with people to talk to, and I love the more polite Member's communities that I can't just seem to find enough of on free worlds. I'm always up for soem community-type games with friendly people, and I'm apologizing in advance for being a food-whore.


Yes my username is spelled incorrectly. I am completely aware and it is on purpose. Well, now anyways, it started as a typo back in '05 but it grew on me so I kept it. I have several accounts on other websites under this name or C0revette789, and my original RSN; Richguy193 (he's actually flat broke). So if you see me feel free to say hi!

Wiki Activity

I plan to make whatever edits I deem nessassary, but will sadly not likley be a top editor anytime in the near future. I like to read articles while playing, and have seen and corrected a few minor errors as an anon IP.

Sandboxes and Subs

None yet, will use some for small community projects.

  • 30 second refresh on the Recent Changes page
  • CorBot, my IRC bot (production mostly halted)
  • everything on my Javascript Monobook(nothing yet)
  • Firefox as a browser
  • Hardcore, self-scripted mIRC for IRC usage
  • Compaq great until I need graphics support
  • Windows 7 Ultimate
  • Verizon DSL
  • Recurring Membership
Contact Info
Corevette789 - Xbox Live Gamertag (I am not usually online and I do not have a Xbox Live gold account) but feel free to say hi if you happen to see me on!