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This is a list of projects that anyone can help with. See if you’re interested in any of them, and come join our [[Special:Chat|chat]] to talk about contributing to the wiki!

New updates[edit | edit source]

When Jagex releases new updates, we need to act quickly to make guides, item/monster/character articles, and update existing pages to fit with the new information. We have some tricks to help us get some information about new monsters and items automatically, but most of it comes down to being around when system update happens, doing the new content, and systematically writing about it on the wiki. It’s common for a new quest guide to be visited by 20,000 people within an hour of release, so every second counts!

Get started with new updates (Starieeena)

Calculators[edit | edit source]

Example page: Calculator:Other/Miscellania dynamic
More information: User:Gaz Lloyd/Guides/Calculators

We are always looking for people interested in making and curating the calculators on the wiki. We have all sorts of different ways to make calculators, and a huge variety, from normal skill calculators to efficiency calculators, alchemy tables, Revolution optimisers, and more. If you want to try making a calculator, check out RuneScape:Calculator ideas for some, uh, calculator ideas.

Get started with calculators (Gaz Lloyd)

Dialogue pages[edit | edit source]

Example page: Wahisietel/dialogue
More information: User:Haidro/dialogue

Ever missed some dialogue from a quest, or accidentally skipped some dialogue from an NPC who no longer exists in-game? Or wanted to know what would happen if you chose another option? We’re now creating dialogue pages for all NPCs, and not just those in quests. It’s really easy to get started!

Get started with dialogue pages (Haidro)

Dungeon maps[edit | edit source]

Example page: Map:Taverley Dungeon
More information: User:Urbancowgurl777/Projects/Maps

We want to have beautiful, useful maps for all of RuneScape’s dungeons.There are a few left to make, and all you need is an image editing program like GIMP.

Get started with dungeon maps (LDemonl)

Location maps[edit | edit source]

Example page: [[:File:Agnar location.png]]

Create location maps for any NPC, monster, item or anything else with a specific location. You can do these by hand, or you can use a Java program to make it faster.

Get started with location maps (Cook Me Plox)

Money making guides[edit | edit source]

Example page: Money making guide/Killing rorarii

Our money making guides were really great -- about two years ago. There are a lot of new money making methods that we don’t have any information on, which you can help with! Either suggest some new ideas, or make a new guide, or both!

Get started with money making guides (Cook Me Plox)

Monster data[edit | edit source]

Our Bestiary page sucks. Really really bad. It was never very good to begin with, but we’ve sort of neglected to update it with the Evolution of Combat and other related changes.

We’re trying to update the bestiary (and all monster pages) using the data available to us from Jagex’s RuneScape Bestiary, as well as other sources and monster lists. This will fix a lot of nagging problems with monster levels throughout the wiki.

Get started with monster data (ThePsionic)

Navboxes[edit | edit source]

Example page: Template:Animal Magnetism
More information: User:Salix of Prifddinas/QuestProject and User:Scuzzy Beta/Template Spruce

The navigational templates at the bottom of most articles are really useful! People click these about 10 million times every year, but there are still a lot more useful navboxes left to make, especially for quests.

Get started with navboxes (Riblet15)

Monster strategy guides[edit | edit source]

Example page: Vorago/Strategies

A lot of our high-end boss fighting strategy guides aren’t as good as they deserve to be. If you have some experience with PvM, help us out by improving and standardizing these guides, both for bosses and simpler Slayer monsters.

Get started with strategy guides (The Mol Man)

Taking new images with the Adventurer’s Log viewer[edit | edit source]

Example page: File:Combat robe top 0 detail.png
More information: Forum:A new kind of model viewer..., RS:AL3D

Jagex’s new Adventurer’s Log character viewer also lets you take pictures of arbitrary equipment combinations, NPCs, items, and any model whatsoever from the game! This is a very recent development, but we want to start using it to update a bunch of images on the wiki. Previously, when we took pictures of ingame things or characters or equipment, we’d have to use the orb of oculus to zoom in on the thing, take a picture, and then painstakingly make the background transparent. This is way easier, although it takes a little bit of setting up and getting used to. It’s now possible to take 500 or more images in an hour, but we need someone to do it.

Get started with Adventurer’s Log pictures (Cook Me Plox)

Creating redirects for commonly searched pages[edit | edit source]

Sometimes, a very commonly searched thing does not redirect to its respective page. For example, you want to look up the city with Ogres, but you don't know its specific name, so you search "oglog". This will redirect you to the proper page, Oo'glog.

Special:SearchDigest is a list of the most commonly searched pages that have not redirected anywhere. If you think that there is something there which has a relevant page, redirect it!

This can be done by clicking the red link, then typing:

#REDIRECT [[Page you want to redirect to]]

Skill training guides[edit | edit source]

Recently some of the wiki’s non-buyable, non-combat skill training guides have been brought up to date but there is still work to do to make these guides the best they can possibly be. We are looking for people to help us complete these guides by adding some more information to them. In particular some of these guides need more experience rates added to them (this is usually for training methods in the level 70-99 range). The guides that need completing are:

Each of these guides has a message on its talk page (which can be viewed using the "discuss" button near the edit button at the top of the article) that explains what needs reviewing in the guide.

To get an experience rate simply time how much experience you gain over a period of time. To convert this to an experience rate per hour, divide how much experience was gained by how long it took and then multiply this by 60. Skill guides are being updated to include accurate base experience rates: this means that any items/familiars/bonus experience that increase experience gains should not be used while obtaining an experience rate.

In the long-term we need your help to keep our skill guides updated. We need people to get experience rates for potential new training methods that are introduced as the game is updated. By comparing experience rates for new methods to those for methods listed in guides we can determine if the guide’s recommended methods need to be changed.

Looking for more of a challenge? Our combat skill training guides and Dungeoneering training guides are sorely in need of some attention too.

Have a question about skill training guides? (IsobelJ)