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"split"[edit | edit source]

Capes[edit | edit source]

switchfo tbh[edit | edit source]

overall[edit | edit source]

article explanation
A journal page 20 pages, can't tell apart except they do have an internal id
Ball (battlefield) 3 versions for whether you can run/pass
Barricade (item) Castle Wars, SW, SW tutorial
Beacon normal, version made from beacon parts (don't have)
Bird's nest haidro pls
Bounty worlds manual historical
Broken cannon barrel three states, unclear how to name
Cabbage (April Fools) can't find an item id…
Canister unclear which is which
Captain Dulcin's journal unlocked/locked
Casket (easy) tt
Casket (hard) tt
Casket (medium) tt
Celestial surgebox bound/normal/reward
Challenge scroll tt
Challenge XP Lamp two versions, unclear
Chameleon egg not sure, maybe inventory/on ground?
Chocolate egg easy split
Chocolate egg (2005) weird historical
Chromatic partyhat unsmuggled/smuggled
Clockwork suit unwound/wound
Clue scroll (easy) tt
Clue scroll (elite) tt
Clue scroll (hard) tt
Clue scroll (medium) tt
Commorb three versions, follow examines
Completionist cape trim/no
Completionist hood trim/no
Crystal bow new/full/9/8/7/6/5/4/3/2/1/new/used
Crystal ward new/full/9/8/7/6/5/4/3/2/1/new/used
Decorative body historical
Decorative helm historical
Decorative legs historical
Decorative shield historical
Decorative sword historical
Diving suit helmet split by helmet type…
Double spin ticket historical
Easter egg (2006) split on color/activeness
Easter egg (2007) split on color
Easter egg (2008) 10 versions, 9 found. Shauny says the last is an "index"…
Enchanted key making/meeting (split off guide?)
Equipment siphon new
Explosive potion CW/SW/SW tutorial
Eye gem 8 versions, hard to tell apart
Fading memory switchfo
Firework potion/normal/???
Fish-like thing no idea
Frog token historical
Fuse (Unstable Foundations) two types, not sure how to name
Heartfreezer amulet received/active/empty/cosmetic
Heat globe five versions, but I only count four. Hard to tell apart…
Hex edit detected weird
Hooded completionist cape trim/no
Huge XP lamp many lamps
Hunters' talisman shauny says active/inactive
Ice cream cone hat empty/not
Ice skates 2010/made/intangible?
Imcando pickaxe e/no
Ivandis flail 30 charges, but those versions are obsolete
Kayle's shortbow historical
Kayle's sling historical
Keg unclear which is which but shauny has ideas
Key (Treasure Trails) tt
Korasi's sword cutscene/tvsb/postquest
Kyzaj before/during graardor
Lamp of the Djinn ??? Maybe sof/made normally?
Large XP lamp many lamps
Lost sword of King Raddallin 65/70/override/stance/75/no idea
Magical blastbox unbound/bound/reward
Mask of Sliske, Light MPD/DAT/DAT pocket
Mask of Sliske, Shadow MPD/DAT/DAT pocket
Meat stick weird
Medium XP lamp many lamps
Mini-marm thok1/thok2
Newspaper shauny has some idea
Odd cocktail not sure how to split
Orb of light one extra, no idea
Oxfam present (keys) tradeable/received
Phoenix crossbow normal/?/?
Placeholdergfx inventory sword weird
Progress hat three versions depending on points
Promissory note no idea
Puzzle box tt
Pvp worlds manual historical
Random event gift historical
Rat pole different rat amounts
Raw fish-like thing no idea
Raw pheasant no idea
Raw turkey 2008/2009
Repair plank unclear which is which but shauny has ideas
Reward book two troll invasion ones?
Reward lamp one set is different of six
Reward token extra burgh de rott versions…?
Rod of ivandis 10 charges
Root cutting no idea
Rotten barrel no idea
Rune dust (Runespan) no idea
Runecrafter hat 3 colors and glasses on/off
RuneScape Road Trip journal split on year
Sacred metal fragments split on event
Samid's gloves normal/full/empty
Saradominist banner jmod/2 others
Scroll (Penance King) mol has ideas
Scroll box (easy) tt
Scroll box (hard) tt
Scroll box (medium) tt
Seren's symbol cosmetic/not
Shield of Arrav (Dimension of Disaster) Shield/Curse
Shiny XP lamp no idea
Sling historical
Small XP lamp many lamps
Soul fragment SW/SW tutorial
Spin ticket historical
Stone of power no idea
Summer barbecue charges/cosmetic
Summer storm ring no idea
Summer sun ring no idea
Super explosive flask empty/partially filled -- split or no?
Teleport to house (chipped) two versions, before and after fiddling with the spell
Thingy weird
Thorvar's bag no idea
Toy royal battleship multiple battleships, this will take time
Treasure chest (Player-owned ports) small/medium/large/huge lamp
Trophy bones no idea
Vyre corpse so many different ones…
Wicked pouch charged/uncharged
Wilderness manual historical
Zamorakian banner jmod/2 others