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See the discussion for Release dates or add your name here.

Welcome to the Quasi-WikiGuild for Release dates! As of April 19th, 2010, there are articles that are missing a Release date. We need to add Release dates and relevant updates to all of the pages that include the following infoboxes in their articles:

To add Release dates and the relevant update, we must add the following to the infobox on the page:

|release = [[Day Month]] [[Year]]
|update = [[Update]]

Example (Cedar twigs):

|release = [[6 January]] [[2009]]
|update = In Pyre Need

The way I see it, there are two ways to go about this: Looking at an update, and adding the information to all of the pages that were released along with that update. Or, you could go through and get the Release date for that page. To make that easier, or possibly more fun, a friend from Wikipedia created a script that will pick a random page in a certain category, namely Category:Needs release date. By going to this link, it will go to a random page that needs a release date. The fabulous Riblet15 has showed me how to do the same thing through Wikia, with Special:Randomincategory/Needs_release_date. It now goes über faster.