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Our maps suck. They're inconsistent, low quality and usually unmarked. People tend to like maps and use them, and we come up short. Buuut...we can do better! We can notate, link, add (good) legends, and a bunch of other things that users find useful. Instead of working so hard on creating ever-larger dimensions of pictures with all sorts of particles and bloom and yadda yadda, we can make the maps a high priority and get so that they are usable and accessible.

What goes on the maps[edit | edit source]

Check out some of Tip.It's maps. Compare specifically this with this. Their maps are consistently high quality and easy to understand. If we're going to improve the maps, it may be a good idea to emulate their depth of information shown on a single picture. Note that this is quite a bit different from imitation; we're not going to copy their techniques or pictures, because we're the ones that send out the DMCA notices, we don't receive them Lol

Specific things we should have on maps:

  • 100% view without in-game text or other clutter - Turn off the titles in the world map, make sure there aren't NPC/Item dots on any minimap pictures. 100% is preferred because it keeps the size down and is more realistic.
  • Legend, compass rose and entrance. Maps need legends so people can tell what the notation is all about. Compass roses may seem a little silly as just about all of our maps will be north upwards, but when possible (and space permitting) we should have 'em. For dungeons and non-surface areas, include a small map of the entrance, preferably surrounded by a border.
  • Notation - This is where we have all of the dots and other things that inform the reader. These would be monsters, characters, icons, whatever else is relevant.
  • Ladders and multiple levels - Ladders should be highlighted and show where they lead. Dungeons with multiple levels should be clearly separated by number of levels below the surface.

Namespace[edit | edit source]

For technical reasons I think it would be best if we had all maps in a new namespace "Map". It would give us the ability to use the imagemap (see below), plus if we designated it as a non-content NS we could use the full 990 pixels of width without the sidebar in the way. This is probably going to be the most contested part of what we do for maps, but I think the advantages are great enough that it warrants creating a new namespace (on a sidenote, the Calculator namespace is failing.)

Links[edit | edit source]

This is what will set us apart from the other sites with good maps. Using ImageMap (seen in use at World map/interactive) we can have links from specific parts of the image to their respective monster pages, or whatever other pages could be linked from there.

Maps to be redone[edit | edit source]