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In the spirit of Wikipedia...

Please add to this if you have any other longstanding errors!

Content Duration Date added Date removed Notes
Thieving 15 years, 5 months, 17 days 20 November 2005 7 May 2021 Incorrect values for pickpocket XP. The longest standing error was the Paladin XP, which incorrectly said 151.75 instead of 151.8. This was likely copied from RuneScape Classic, and could never have been possible in RS2 where XP is tracked by multiples of 0.1.
  • 20 November 2005 - In the second ever edit of the Thieving article, Lord Druida adds a table with several incorrect XP values, including 151.75 for Paladin.
  • 13 December 2006 - Meanwhile, Dreadnought copies this value onto the Paladin page.
  • 11 September 2010 - In rewriting the Paladin article, Leevclarke identifies the error and sets it correctly to 151.8.
  • 25 March 2019 - When adding the thieving template, Elessar2 tragically copies the incorrect value from the main Thieving article instead of the prose.
  • 7 May 2021 - In early May 2021 the table is recognized as having errors, and Aescopalus replaces the Thieving table with DPL. At this point, the visible value would be the incorrect 151.75 transcluded from the template on the Paladin article.
  • 7 May 2021 - Aescopalus fixes the template on Paladin to match the prose, resolving the error after more than 15 years.
Gnome Restaurant 14 years, 5 months 12 August 2006 19 January 2021 The Gnome Restaurant guide for delivering to Brimstail directed players to enter a non-existed "hollowed rock" in order to reach him. While the rock was real at one stage, it was removed 3 days after the initial edit and in the 14 years since was never corrected.
Update:Latest RuneScape News (8 May 2002) 14 years, 1 month 16 March 2007 11 April 2021 This update date was incorrect - it occurred on the 8th of May, while the wiki stated it occurred on the 10th of May.
Star sprite 12 years, 6 months 2 September 2008 1 March 2021 A series of wrong examines:
  • 2 September 2008 - On the day of release for shooting stars, the examine for the star sprite was put in by a trolling IP as 'Use the force.'
  • 3 September 2008 - Chiafriend12 (better known for deleting the main page) added trivia that the examine was a reference to Star Wars. We think he probably just based this on what was on the wiki, rather than examining it ingame.
  • 7 September 2008 - 5 days later, an additional examine was put in as 'A shining, happy Star Sprite.'
  • 1 March 2021 - As it turns out, neither of these examines were correct as per this youtube video (4:48) from 5 days after release, and it was actually just 'A shiny, happy star sprite.' all along.
File:Stick trap.png 11 years, 11 months 3 June 2008 29 May 2020 The sysop Gaz Lloyd was positively "stricken" to learn from User:Qqgx via Discord that the image depicting a stick trap was actually named "Strick trap.png".
Dwarven Engineer 11 years, 9 months 15 April 2008 10 January 2020 Our third entry from an unrepentant Morian Smith. Between a Rock... came out before Keldagrim, but during the quest you need to talk to Dwarven Engineer (nowadays in smack dab in the middle of Keldagrim). Where was he during those two months? Morian thought he was in the White Wolf Mountain tunnels (possibly confused with Khorvak). WRONG! The engineer was in a weird corner of the Keldagrim mines, according to contemporaneous sources.
Giant mosquito 11 years, 5 months 22 December 2008 20 May 2020 A series of blunders led to us mistakenly saying that Giant mosquitoes dropped proboscises for more than a decade:
Slave boots 10 years, 2 months 17 February 2010 15 May 2020 It was presumed that the Slave boots were released at the same time as the Slave shirt and Slave robe, along with The Tourist Trap quest in RuneScape Classic... Wrong! Only upon revival of the RuneScape Classic Wiki was it discovered that the boots did not exist in Classic, and thus the date was wrong all this time 😱 The exact date they were added is still unknown, only that they were released around the time of RuneScape 2.
Luthas's challenge scroll 10 years, 2 months 26 July 2009 18 October 2019 There's an anagram clue that leads you to Luthas, and there's an anagram clue that gives you a challenge scroll asking how many bananas are on Luthas's plantation. Here's the subtlety: these are not the same clue! The plantation challenge scroll is actually from Cap'n Izzy No-Beard. Psycho Robot gone too far and made this edit linking the two together, and the error persisted for ten years, being copied to a number of different pages, including on OSRS Wiki.
Pirate impling jar 10 years, 2 months 29 January 2010 28 March 2020 Release date was set to when the rest of the implings came out; the impling itself was release alongside Rocking Out on 11 June 2008 and had a correct release date.
Half certificate 10 years, 2 months 25 April 2010 5 July 2020 Release date was set to when the original quest came out. The quest was tweaked in 2007, which was when the half certificates were added.
The crate on the ground floor of a church is your next location. 9 years, 2 months 9 October 2006 31 December 2015 The problem here is that there are no crates on the ground floor of the Ardougne Church. This was added by Avian Maid, an admin (gasp)! Someone actually added a picture (File:Cryptic clue church of East Ardougne 2.png) last month, obliviously showing there weren't any crates...this was actually picked up by another site.
Larupia top 8 years, 7 months 21 March 2012 14 November 2020 There was a graphical bug that caused the spikes on the top and hat to match the player's boot colour. The bug was fixed in September 2011.
Broken sword 8 years, 6 months 9 February 2007 31 July 2015 An amalgamation of the rusty sword and broken staff, with the icon of broken armour to boot, this amassed 65 edits before being put down. The talk page is filled with people questioning its existence, and RuneHQ also has a page for it.
Super magic potion 8 years, 5 months 10 November 2012 26 March 2021 The patch notes of 6 November 2012 mentioned a magic potion having a drinking requirement of level 36 Herblore, however this referred to Magic potion (Dungeoneering) and not Super magic potion which was known as just 'magic potion' at the time.
Uruio 8 years, 1 month 15 October 2007 23 November 2015 A misspelling of Uyoro, perhaps? Everyone just assumed that it was one of the monkeys that appeared when you were a human, and they never got it. Someone even left the summary "forgot this one existed!" when editing it.
Update:One Million Likes - Book of Faces Now Unlocked! 7 years, 5 months 26 April 2013 17 November 2020 Pointed to the wrong news article - a similar one that announced Jagex's reward for the players, while this post was about the reward coming into effect
Ogre 7 years, 4 months 4 October 2012 19 February 2020 Release date
Senntisten Temple#Monsters 6 years, 9 months 14 July 2014 28 April 2021 The original pre-merge article from 2008 listed that there were level 22 Skeletons roaming in the temple. While this might have been true at some point, there have been several combat level rebalances since the Evolution of Combat that were never reflected on the wiki. The "date added" listed here is the date of the last major combat rebalance, but it is certainly possible that this combat level has been wrong since the release of EoC.
Oudai 6 years, 5 months 21 June 2009 23 November 2015 A misspelling of Ouhai, we hope. Created by our very own Morian Smith.
Blindweed seed 5 years 25 June 2010 1 July 2015 Someone managed to paste the entire navbox code on a page, tripling the page's size for 5 years
Sam (certer) 3 years, 6 months 6 March 2010 22 August 2013 "Sam was a certer in RuneScape Classic.". No he wasn't!
Drunken man 3 years, 5 months 7 July 2011 22 December 2014 Day 1095, the editors still haven't noticed this avantoe is actually a cadantine
Snake (disambuguation) 2 years, 3 months 11 September 2013 2 December 2015 This spelling error somehow slipped through the watchdogs...
Merchant Vera 2 years, 1 month 2 April 2009 6 May 2011 Another from repeat offender Morian Smith! Confusion with Merchant Vernon.
Ring of charos (i) 1 year, 9 months 9 July 2009 23 April 2011 Confusion from the Ring of charos (a)(i). The weird thing is, a ton of people seemed to think it existed -- 42 different people edited the page. Here's a discussion on Tip.It about the same thing.
Oxidised mace 1 year, 9 months 28 December 2008 25 August 2010
Pressurised slugling 1 year, 7 months 6 July 2009 6 February 2011 You put sluglings in a machine to pressurise them, but it doesn't produce an item.