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Articles about monsters (and the associated Bestiary) have consistently been one of the worst parts of the wiki for as long as I can remember. We always had a ton of information missing, combined too much about different monsters, and a bunch of things were just unclear. Things got way worse after the constant changes from the Evolution of Combat (and combat level changes from last year) — things are just outdated and bad now. We can do better!

We recently found a lot of new monster information in the game cache that will let us completely redo how we display monster data on the wiki. We've decided to start a project to get this new information on the wiki, and also fix up the bothersome issues with monster articles that I mentioned earlier.

The overall goal of this project is to first replace all of the infoboxes on monster pages with an updated version that contains more (and correct) information (look to your right for an example). This will then let us automatically populate a really nice, searchable, accurate bestiary. It'll probably also allow us to do a bunch of awesome things like inline calculators for hit chance, DPS, kills per hour... for any equipment setup and a particular monster. It'll turn one of the biggest weaknesses of the wiki into one of our best features.

We need some help to get there. We need people to add this new data to monster pages, and we need people to gather monster data that isn't automatically available. If you're interested in helping with either of those things, read on!

Helping with infoboxes[edit | edit source]

See User:Jr Mime/Sandbox 5 for a list of monster pages not using the new infobox!
Please go here and set your preferred editor to "source editor" before working on this part!

A quick background: every distinct NPC in RuneScape has an id associated with it. You can see a list of most of them here. They are mostly in chronological order. Each id has a bunch of data associated with it in the game cache, which we eventually figured out and catalogued here. For any given monster, their max hits, weapon accuracy, weakness, style affinities, attack speeds and a bunch of other things are available on a per-id basis. Additionally, for some monsters, there's even more stuff available from the official bestiary API, like skill levels, experience and lifepoints. It's almost everything we need to make monster infoboxes.

I wrote a script that collects information from the cache, the official bestiary and a little bit from the wiki, and automatically creates as much of the new infobox as it can. You can access it here. You can put either the name of an NPC, or a space-separated list of ids (here or here). It will try to generate the code for an infobox for either that monster name or the list of ids.

For now, skip over monsters where there are multiple versions or ids -- stick with things with only one version, because they're easier to start with. I'll have more information about how to handle multiple monsters once the singletons get mostly finished.

The general idea is that you go to a monster's page, say, Water wizard, and replace the Infobox Monster there with whatever code my page generated. This isn't just a simple copy-paste job, though -- you'll need to look over the information to make sure it's correct. See User:Jr Mime/Cook for a complete guide to the infobox parameters, but here's the four main things:

  • If the monster doesn't use abilities, remove the abilities parameter.
  • If the monster doesn't have a special attack, set max_spec to 0. If it does (think dragonfire or Vorago), put a number in there, usually from the current article.
  • If the monster is a regular, non-boss monster, it probably has no immunities. Set those parameters (immune_to_poison, immune_to_deflect, immune_to_drain, immune_to_stun) to "No".
  • If the monster isn't a Slayer monster, remove the four slayer parameters. If it is a Slayer monster, fill out the slaylvl, slayxp, slayercat and assigned_by parameters (assigned_by should be a comma-separated list of masters).

Preview the page and make sure there's nothing egregiously wrong, and save it! If you have any questions about whether some data is correct, or how to handle a weird case, you can always skip it and come back later, or leave a message on the talk page, or chat with other editors [[Special:Chat|here]].

Collecting monster data[edit | edit source]

Unfortunately, the bestiary and cache don't tell us quite everything we need. It's missing data on a lot of monsters, and we need people to go figure it out. Watch this space for things that need to get done:

  • Dominion Tower monsters
Dominion Tower monsters generally have different lifepoints and XP than their normal quest boss versions. We need someone to go through and just kill every single monster and note down the level, lifepoints and combat XP given. This is holding us back from using the new infobox for pretty much all quest bosses (100 of them), so the sooner it gets done, the better.
Additionally, Rumble Mode monsters are actually separate from normal DT monsters. I don't know the best way to do this, but someone (or a group of people) should do Rumble Mode and gather data about all of those monsters.

If you have any questions about the above tasks, you can ask [[Special:Chat|here]].

Interested users[edit | edit source]

Sign here with four tildes (~~~~) if you're interested in helping with this project.