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The seven hunters[edit | edit source]

Chapter 1 - Gielinor

On that summer evening in the forests of Taverly, three things were obvious. The first was that the ground was vibrating. The second was that the vibration was made by footsteps. The third was that the footsteps were moving fast across the forest as if sombody was running.

Then all of a sudden, out of the tree's came four hoofs, then four paws and then four feet. A deer was being persued by Rex, a fully grown male Timber wolf and behind him was two humans, Karil and his best friend, Lucifer. Karil knocked a runite arrow into his yew bow and fired. At that moment the deer swerved away and the arrow hit it in the thigh. "Damn!" Karil thought. Just then though, Rex sped forward right next to the deer, jumped on it and bit its throat so hot, red blood gushed out.

Rex ran back to Karil with his tail wagging. "good work" said Karil. He walked over drew out a knife and slit the deers belly. Twenty minutes later the three friends were enjoying a delicious feast. As they roasted the animal, the smell of cooked meat and rich marrow fat entered their nostrils. Rex ate the liver and marrow and Karil and Lucifer ate the flesh; they also put aside the carcass for the forest spirit guardian. "Hey, Rex" said Lucifer "Give me some marrow". Reluctantly, Rex found a large, untouched bone that was rich with marrow and dropped it at Lucifers feet.

Rex was a Timber wolf. He was Karils life long companion, fammiliar and best friend. He had been given to Karil as a present from his father on his eigth birthday. Back then Rex had only been a puppy, two runes to be precise. Now he was fully grown though and was at the age of fifteen runes. To Rex, Karil was his best friend and alpha male.

The wolf picked up another hunk of deer liver, swallowed it down and then went over and rested its head on Karils knee.

Just then a Large grizzly bear plodded through the trees and over too where they were sitting. The bear was 'Tahiti' the forest spirit guardian. The spirit guardians were the sons and daughters of Guthix. They had be sent to bring peace to Gielinor. There were spirit guardians for everything. There was the Water spirit guardian, fire spirit, wind spirit, ice spirit, jungle spirit, desert spirit; if you want to name them all you might as well pull up a chair. Tahiti was the forest spirit guardian and was currently in the form of a bear. "We left the carcass for you" Karil told the bear. Tahiti grunted in approval and carried the deer body away.

Chapter two - Captured

Suddenly Rex's ears pricked up. he stood up and sniffed the air. "what do you smell?" asked Karil "Rabbit!" Replied Rex excitedly. Rex loved rabbit, if he caught the slightest whiff of one he'd be after it in a moment! Rex sped away through the tree's then after a minute Karil and Lucifer heard it...

It was Rex's high pitched howl that was suddenly cut short. "Rex!" Karil shouted. No reply. "Rex!" he shouted again. Still no reply. Now Karil got up and was walking quickly through the forest "Rex!, Rex!" he shouted now running. He thought that Rex might have just been playing, hiding and then getting ready to jump out at him. But then he saw somthing.

Lucifer ran up next to Karil who was crouching down, he was looking at a dead rabbit and a series of marks in the ground. "What do they mean?" asked Karil. Lucifer, who was a master tracker studied the marks carefully. "Rex came this way" She then looked at some marks behind the bushes. "People were hiding here, they lured Rex here using the rabbit and ambushed him." "Why didn't he smell the men though?" asked Karil "He was probably too fixed on the rabbit" replied Lucifer "These marks here show him being tied up... and carried away!" Karil listened in horror. "Why take Rex?" he thought "Nobody eats wolf meat" he took a deep breath, in thought for while. Then he finally said "We have to go and get him"

Chapter three - The forest

"what are you taliking about?" asked Luifer in amazment. "We have too go and get him" replied Karil. "If we go quickly we'll be able to catch up with them."

They were wrong.

Karil and Lucifer set out, running through the forest, looking for Rex. Their boots squuelched through the thick, heavy mud. After fifteen minutes they passed the lake and got to a statue of Guthix. They spent a moment at the statue before setting out again. "Rex!" Karil shoutedd "Rex, where are you?!" A red squirrel gambled across the woods. "Hey!" he shouted "Hey you!" The squirell turned its head towards them "What?" he shouted back

Being brought up in Taverly, Karil had learnt the animal language and was able to talk to and understand animal. Since Lucifer had been brought up in Falador she had not learned it. Karil had tried to teach her and she could say the few basic words but apart from that she was hopless.

"Have you seen a wolf nearby?" asked Karil. "I saw a couple of humans a while a go with a chained up animal. It could have been a wolf or a very large dog" was the reply "They said they were heading for the mountains.

to be continued