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Hello, I'm Complextro! I've only recently created my account, so my userpage isn't finished yet.

Here is some basic information about myself!

  • My character name is lPinkie Pie(That's LPinkie Pie ;P).
  • My combat level is 138.
  • I am mostly a nub.
  • My RS3 Home world is 52.
  • My OSRS Home world is 343.
  • What I do for RSW- Transparency added. Transparency added. Transparency added. ·-·

I'm new here, so teach me stuff!.. If you want... No pressure.

  • I'd appreciate tips/hints on adding translucency to images needing it!
  • What should I set my RS3 graphics settings to for taking in-game pictures?
  • Any other useful info about RSW is welcomed!


lPinkie Pie