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Hey guys!

Not too much to say about me.

I have no set in stone goals apart from maxing! Hope to be able to contribute more to the wikia over the summer months!

Total level: 2586
Attack 99Constitution 99Mining 93
Strength 99Agility 85Smithing 90
Defence 99Herblore 97Fishing 90
Ranged 99Thieving 85Cooking 90
Prayer 97Crafting 82Firemaking 87
Magic 99Fletching 88Woodcutting 87
Runecrafting 81Slayer 90Farming 81
Construction 85Hunter 81Summoning 81
Dungeoneering 101Divination 81Invention 120
Archaeology 120Combat 200Quests 348
Music 964Tasks 498RuneScore 15,335
As of 16 March 2014
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