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Personal Runescape Logs
Date | Time Event


8:00 PM Est Jungle Demon Killed me and i lost over 1.4M worth of stuff... I Raged
2/22/11 8:09 PM Est Lost Internet Connection Edit Delayed. Runescape account lost all chance of recovering from the disaster from Jungle Demon
2/23/11 9:58 AM Est In School. Discovery: Found out yesterday but forgot to log. That I could get my Dwarf multi cannon Back!!! FOR FREE!!! That made my day!!! I really was angry! But now I am overjoyed. Now for the lost of my rune Full armour.
2/23/11 7:42 PM Est Did the circus distration and diversions thing.
2/23/11 7:48 PM Est Replaced rune armour set
5/5/11 Unknown Regained membership Smile
4/26/13 Unknown Regained membership Smile
4/27/13 Unknown Became semi active again. Smile

Personal Dates
Date Events / Log
2/21/11 Created logs
2/25/11 Created a new wiki [[W:c:multicoder|Multi Coder Code Snippet Wiki]]