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CmptrGmrLIVE[edit | edit source]

NOTE: My page is in the early stage of development. It will not look pretty for a while.

Previous Names[edit | edit source]

  • CmptrGmrLIVE Current
  • CmptrPrgmr
  • Lela Star
  • Creation name will not be mentione

First 99[edit | edit source]

My first 99 was in the Mining Skill

Latest 99[edit | edit source]

My latest 99 that I have gotten was Smithing.

What I'm working on now[edit | edit source]

I am mainly working on the Invention skill because I really want to be able to use Seren components, which will allow me to create the Enlightened 3 Perk so I can get faster Equipment levels. I'm getting pretty close, what I need is level 83 in Invention.

How I'm doing this[edit | edit source]

The main way that I'm getting xp right now is by taking advantage of Harmonised runite rock, mining them with an Augmented crystal pickaxe with the Perks Honed 4 and Enlightened 2. I also use a Perfect juju mining potion along with a Lava titan. With the Runite ore that I mine, I smith them into Rune bars using a Coal bag, Blacksmith's helmet, Blacksmith's apron, Blacksmith's gloves and Blacksmith's boots which is part of the Blacksmith's Skilling outfit. TODO: Finish me!