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This is a complete (sans ~3) list of all of User:Cruser234's edits to the Cheats and scams page over a period of 2 days. He made roughly 55 edits to this page, all of them very minor, very similar, or completely unneeded. He spaced these out to appear less obvious. I have gone and put groups of edits all together to show what he has been doing. I find the page he chose to edit rather fitting, as he cheated the edit system and scammed everyone into thinking he had 50 more mainspace edits than he needed. Further, this constitutes Gaming the system and is a policy violation.

Thanks to User:Powers38, I have now added in his multiple edits from the Black Knight page. All of these edits could have been condensed to one using the Preview button.


manipulating or editing what he already added

ce309813.png a94c7e9a.png cc06dc6c.png 7e03a7cf.png 03736a86.png 779d5bc9.png be34a42a.png 952ee86b.png

Notice how all he is doing for these edits is manipulating (or REMOVING) things he added in?


a0fc8ed6.png 9f6f87af.png

"Other examples" - unnecessary edit spree

6a1b5fd7.png 77f6db8c.png b76721b8.png 46ec3be2.png d7c7bcb7.png a470d5e5.png

"or" worked perfectly fine in all these cases, and even if not, this is really rather obvious. unneeded edits that, even if done, could all be done in ONE edit.

all could be done in one edit

9b27297a.png afb38c70.png 41d5bdd0.png 9740af2d.png c8b40573.png 57f361a3.png eb508482.png 50ff9849.png 4d6dc490.png 5a6e1783.png c04928ad.png dbf9e5aa.png 9a8e50d1.png

again, all could be done in one simple edit, if at all.


6543dc5a.png 0f15007e.png 85d75ad9.png 5813b5d7.png 54978d58.png 2946af26.png d132d2c2.png

Doesn't understand basic editing

30b59889.png af85c2c5.png

lolwut? (pointless edits)

4159df46.png 19124c47.png cf748ac3.png 8deb5a9b.png
note that this page LINKS to the very page he was editing

removing then adding again

63c1fda4.png 7ca5672e.png

changing to poor grammar

633b9706.png 0e8df572.png 8065e199.png

Black Knight page, 6 edits, no success

34200814.png 9dcc8103.png 6258bf8c.png 7f212eb6.png 1375033c.png 937a8482.png 78209e2b.png