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Okay, so here is a great idea. As of now, the clan keep has really not much use, okay, so meetings, big deal, most clans don't use them, but the keep has guard towers and such, with fortifications, there are also guards around the clan citadel, which is kinda stupid as they do nothing but wander around. Say, if for example, you could have a siege at the citadel. Zombies, demons, the such, banging on your door trying to get in. It is quite similar to Castle Wars, admittedly, but there is a catch. What if, you had to make your own weapons, rebuild the keep, etc, and truly working as a Clan. Perhaps, you could have the guards finally do something, and, instead of a flag, you are protecting the Clan Avatar, who will also boost you with abilities it currently has.

Each plot will have it's use:

  • Woodcutting: The timber could serve as uses for arrows, staff, and bow; for use in fortification; and for advanced weaponry, which will be mentioned later.
  • Mining: It could be used to mine the metal needed for melee armour, and weapons; and stone which will be used for artillery and for refortifying the keep.
  • Summoning & Runecrafting: Summoning will create minions just as it is now, which will assist along with the fight, maybe with different levels of combat (refer to minion section).
  • Crafting: The loom can be used to create the mage and range armour, and possibly for using as bandages (silk used in bandages, duhh), which will serve as the food, much like many other minigames.
  • Firemaking: This is a harder skill to do then most, but I imagine it could possibly have a very important role. Firemaking will be required to use with advanced weaponry, refer to the Advanced Weaponry section for more detail.
  • Smithing: Smithing will be used to craft the melee armour and weapon, as well as contribute to fortifying and building of advanced weaponry
  • Cooking & Herblore: Used to create potions and also to heal the avatar with. It could be combined with herblore as an increased use of creating potions
  • Hunter & Fishing & Slayer: Can be used to capture creatures among the attacking group. These creatures act like the healer, much like in Barbarian assault.
  • Agility & Dungeoneering: Increased movement in the whole of the keep, or maybe confined to a certain region. For example, perhaps faster movement within the keep, or maybe within land that is still under the clan's control. And why dungeoneering, because well, I'm not sure, but if you are better at dungeoneering, it means you are more skilled around the dungeon? It would make sense to be more skilled above ground.
  • Fletching: This allows the production of timber into more refined material. Arrows, staffs, as well as parts for the advanced weaponry.
  • Thieving: Well, I doubt you'd attack someone without creating a base nearby to regroup right? Thieving, perhaps combined with a bit of agility, will decrease the chance of getting caught while sneaking into the enemy base, and destroying their weapons cache, or something. This will perhaps decrease the amount of attacking enemy, or strength, for a short period of time.
  • Farming: Used to provide the raw ingredients needed in the loom
  • Combat skills: Well, these will be used in the same way as on regular Runescape.

How will it work?

People with certain ranks within the clan will be able to set a time for the siege to begin, as well as difficulty. The siege however, will not start unless there are enough clan mates within the clan. The clan avatar will be located at the centre of the keep. Bank access will not be allowed during the siege, as any items may not be brought in, much like dungeoneering and stealing creations. All materials will be made with the skills mentioned above. The clan avatar will give boosts according to it's level. This will develop different strategies, such as one which is to boost maybe skills speed at first, then switching to combat later on. Certain ranks will have access to change the avatar's abilities, and it may be locked by higher ranked, for example, the deputy clan owner, which will make the only ones able to change or unlock it the owner and deputy. The clan avatar will not be able to change it's boosts within a 2 minute period, to prevent spam changes on disagreements.

Higher skill level will not make better equipment, but rather gathered at a faster speed, so maybe at level one you gather it at 1 per 2 seconds, and at level 50 you gather it at 3 per second. This will allow clans with a big gap in skill levels to be able to work together. Higher skills will obviously require more of the said item. So maybe a level 5 attack will only require 10 bars to make armour, but a level 99 might need 200 bars to make it's armour.

There will be different settings for the siege: Easy, Medium, and Hard, and the clan could adopt a certain god in favour. So perhaps, be with Saradomin, and your minions will be loyal lions and magical unicorns, fighting against the demons of Zamorak. Perhaps Bandos with his goblins or ourgs, fighting against the Armadyl aviantese.

As it will be a siege, you can't possibly think that it will take 30 minutes to gather 2000 resources. So during this period, resource gathering will be boosted, but does not contribute to normal stock.

At the end, rewards can be given, perhaps with orts, per player, or with resources used in the citadel, i.e. Timber, stone.

Advanced weaponry

If you have a massive castle, but you don't have any means of defending it, kinda stupid. So here are a few defences that will tip the scale.

Boiling Iron/Molten Lava: Located around the walls, these will activate at a push of a button, and flood the outside wall, burning the foe. Takes a long time to reload, and requires high amount of resources. Produced by resources made from the kiln

Cannon/Catapult: Small range but devastating effects. These will require more than one person to operate efficiently. Requires resources from kiln, and stone from mining, and a person to aim.

Sniper crossbow: Built in to the defence towers located around the keep. These will require special bolts, chosen from a stockpile in the middle. Amplifying range accuracy and damage, while providing extra effects. Degrades

Magic amplifier: Built alongside the Sniper crossbows, these will also boost magic damage and accuracy. Runes spawns will be located near the centre of the tower, allowing easy access. Degrades

Counterattacks: Sends out waves of the clan's own minions, taking on the form of their god, fighting against the enemy along side clan mates.

Comment for any questions. Refer to below for a summary

Summary Uses for the Clan keep, citadel, and clan guards. Protect the avatar from the siege. All skills will be used in one way or another. Plots maybe combine Skills do not impact the level of items/resources, but rather the speed of gathering/crafting Advanced defence weaponry allows further protection, but requires large amount of resources. Clan avatar can also provide regular boost. All items will be made in the siege, nothing may be brought in or out. Winning could result in rewards in orts, or resources used in Citadel