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I've been noticing some inaccuracies in our Shop pages, such as inaccurate stock amounts, [1], inaccurate shop buying prices, and even inaccurate stock! As such, I'm reviewing every shop stock page and double checking them for accuracy.

The process[edit | edit source]

  1. Access the shop
  2. Check shop stock, quantities, and shop selling prices are accurate. If inaccurate, correct them
  3. Obtain the items displayed as stock
  4. Check the accuracy of selling prices. If inaccurate, correct them
  5. Mark the shop as checked by placing <s></s> tags around the list displayed below

Sample items are separate from main stock. Stores which provide sample items will only pay for said items once their sample stocks are refreshed. Attempting to sell them such items while the stocks are depleted will result in the store taking the item for free, and as such sample items should be marked as having a sell and buy price of 0.

Update: Due to the Mining and Smithing update, I've reset the progress on this project. I've also removed shops which were removed from the game.

To do: update list to include shops added since page creation; rework project page format to allow for shops to be partially checked and marked.

Shops[edit | edit source]