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Cima G[edit | edit source]

Okay, just started this page (how many pages have that at the beginning?).

I've been playing Runescape since fall of '03, and have been a member since 11/05. If you've ever run into a gothic femme type in heels (love the vyrewatch boots) and a black beret and matching dress whilst playing spewing typo-riddled sarcasm (or sheer randomness, also typoed), then maybve we've met. I'm usually seen with black flowers and matching defender. There, you've been givin fair warning.

My normal hangouts are Grand Exchange, Pest Control, and Morytania (it goes with my outfit).

Likes: Slaying, crafting (jewelry), collecting outfits and weapons, sarcasm, people who are, helpful and/or mature, laid back or like to have a laugh, sarcasm, construction, laughing at idiots who try to pick me up with lamest comeons in history.

Dislikes: Getting retarded slaying assignments (like Chaeldar giving me 160 blue dragons to slay. This is what I was on when the HD update went into effect), impatient people, immature people, stupid people, the Drill Demon (I keep getting this for some reason. Once it was three times in an hour, while slaying Ankous, no less), people who try to pick me up (Runescape is a game, not a dating service).

Anything else? I'm usually a meleeist. I'm a Phoenix member and have access to the following guilds: Crafting, cooking, Warriors, Heroes, Mining, Ranging and Champions (though the only challenge I've recieved so far was the lvl 51 Zombie Champion when I was CB 83. Care to guess the outcome?) At this time, I have 140 quest points. Rum Deal is my favorite quest so far. I'm willing to help other players wehn they need it, but don't be pushy about it. That really, really gets on my nerves and is the surest way to end up on my ignore list (which is a great deal smaller than my friends list, I'm happy to say).

The fisrt person added to my friends list was Kazuo Yousai, who helped me out the first night I started playing, and is still on it, even though he hasn't logged on since '03. Also, Mugsy50, Chuchukaka (who helped with the vampire slayer quest), and Merlin Rune (I still have the power ammy you gave me). Even though my friends list is nearly maxed out, you guys haven't been forgotten.

That's all for now. Ware the sarcastic goth chick!