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Runescape money making guide...mon's robes

this is a money making guide for players with prayer level 31 or over

<monk's robes> use this skill your prayer level must be 31 or over

2.go to the in edgeville.

3.go to the second floor of the monastery

4.take the monk's robes on the table ,takes about 50 seconds to repawn you can skip worlds. it makes the proccess faster 15 seconds.

5.then go 2 the bank in , bank all the monk's robes...

6.repeat proccess 2-5

7.go to the Grand-exchange .use canoe transport it is faster than running and gives you wood cutting experience

8.sell the monk's robes at the Grand-exchange .

to be continued...

Edgeville Monastery map.png|monastery in edgevile Monastery1stfloor.png|monastery in edgeville Monastery2ndfloor.png|brother jered Monastery entrance.png Monasteryaltar.png|altar in second floor of the monastery Monasteryrobes.png|respawn monk's robes Brother Jered.png|brother jered