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He hates noobs and beggars. He likes to hunt down macros and if he is on a PVP world, he likes killing them. He never pots and only uses protection prayer if his opponent uses the protection prayer first. He uses a Rune 2h for Knock-out blows and he has never been a member in Runescape. His weapon is the Rune Scimitar. He is also a follower of Saradomin. His levels are: 82 attack - 82 strength - 82 defence - 82 hitpoints - 52 prayer - 70 magic - 70 cooking - 86 woodcutting - 70 fishing - 70 firemaking - 60 crafting - 60 smiting - 67 mining - 51 runecarfting. His score in Fist Of Guthix is 2816.

Asgarnia - Misthalin - Al Kharid - Wilderness - Karamja - Crandor Island[edit | edit source]

Unknown because he only got killed 1 time in Runescape by an unknown player. All that is known is that he got his revenge after a personal vendetta that lasted for over a year.[edit | edit source]