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About Me[edit | edit source]

Simply put ... I'm a real female, and a real gamer, and I like to spent some of my free time on runescape.

How I started Runescape ... I joined the game years ago after my brother told me about it; I wanted to see if I could customize a character to look like a fictional character of my own -- which sort of worked, but I didn't play it long, anyway. I got back into it years later when I discovered that a good friend (eventually boyfriend) also played. Since I was going away for a few months that summer, I started my account back up as a way to do something with him while we were apart. Even after I moved back to be with him, we're still playing together! :)

While playing Runescape ... I like the combat-orientated skills the most, but I try to keep my character pretty balanced. I love to slay and hunt; I tend to stay away from PKing. I'll occasionally meddle in mini games like Soul Wars and Impetuous Impulses. I dislike "idle" skills with a passion since I'm very ADHD and have trouble staring at a screen with nothing interesting happening. Thus, certain "easy" skills like woodcutting, fletching, firemaking and soforth are actually hard for me to keep up. I hate runecrafting with a passion and regret missing out on a lot of "tears of guthix" opportunities to level it, now made more difficult by the release of dungeoneering.

In the community ... I love to socialize and help others, even if I'm still learning the game, myself. I keep a clan chat open under my own name for casual chatting, sharing of random thoughts, and to keep things from getting too lonely. It's nothing big, just a few runescape friends and my RL boyfriend, but anyone's welcomed to join in!

About my name... Chrishankhah is actually the name of an old fictional character I used to write a story about - a vampire nonetheless. I don't know whether anything else will become of that story, but I do make a reference to her in my character's own biography (see below.) On an interesting note, my current character looks nothing like her and really isn't the same person, fictionally. I did give her a haircut and outfit to resemble the original, a few times, but I always change it back. The current style of my runescape character actually caters more to my own style and appearance than my old character.

Other things about me ... I'm a huge fan of the Zelda series. I also love fantasy fiction in general, so it's easy to get carried away imagining who and what my character is -- even if I don't really roleplay in the game much, myself. Apart from gaming, I'm a bit of an artist, a writer, and a devoted Christian with a deep love for theology. My approach to runescape and other fictional games with their own pantheons is to take it with a grain of salt. I'm not bothered by the inclusion of fictional gods in any story, game or otherwise, as long as they're acknowledged as fiction. I'd be more put off if someone tried to emulate and represent my own faith, since I take it far more seriously!

Character Biography[edit | edit source]

During the fifth age, a child was concieved in the desert city of Sophanem. She was a spectacle and an oddity, born with light hair and light skin that was very unlike her people. With little recollection of her early childhood, the girl grew up knowing little of her parents except what she was told: that they perished while defending their city and temple from the wrath of Icthlarin's sister and adversary, Amascut, while her mother was still with child. The girl was miraculously rescued from her dead mother's womb by a dark-haired stranger from beyond the desert, a woman named "Chrishankhah" who had a strange habit of referring to the temple's god as "Anubis" instead of Icthlarin -- as though she had some old familiarity with the Menaphite god. While this mysterious woman was said not to remain in the desert city for long, the infant girl was christened with the name of her rescuer and bestowed with a legacy to defend the land and the god her parents died to save.
It would have been expected of the young girl to grow up seeking to avenge her parents' death, since after all, most stories which begin this way also meet that end. This is not what young Chrishankhah would end up seeking, however. By the precious council of one of the god Armadyl's last followers, she was led to see that it would be better not to destroy the goddess of destruction, but to restore her as a friend and sister of Icthlarin, the goddess of rebirth. Alas, it is much easier to defeat a foe than to redeem one.
As she grew with age, Chrishankhah moved away from her home and began to keep watch over the demi-god who murdered her parents. This adventure led her to the city of Pollniveach, just south of the mining camp and Al Kharid. There she built a modest home and began spying on a suspicious local slayer master by the name of "Sumona." When she grew more bold, she approached the stranger and was begrudgingly given a task that seemed more like a suicide mission. Yet having become an accomplished warrior, Chrishankhah succeeded with this task, and her suspicions were confirmed -- the slayer master was none other than a manifestation of Amascut herself.
Chrishankhah did not stop here, however. She returned to Sumona again and again, however much Sumona hated her (especially for all of the cats, guardians of Icthlarin, which she kept in her own home right next to Sumona's.) Sumona would send her on increasingly difficult tasks, but rather than leading to her demise, it made her stronger. Such would eventually bring even Sumona to ponder, "If only you weren't a servant of that foolish dog..." Though she may not have gained Amascut's trust yet, she continues to seek it in hopes of eventually bringing unity between Icthlarin and Amascut once again.
At the same time, her strength and feats have made quite a warrior and an adventurer out of Chrishankhah. She has honed her skills by travelling into the rest of Gielinor, putting right what has gone wrong and defending not only her city from evil, but also the rest of the world of Runescape as best she can. Though first and foremost a servant of Icthlarin even now, she has taken great comfort in the council of the servants of Armadyl and has a great respect for their god. She will also respect Saradomin for his good wisdom and alliance with Armadyl, but has little care for Zamorak, who has proven a selfish and wicked god. She neither cares for Guthix, whom she feels uses "balance" to hide behind a view of neutrality, which accomplishes nothing in the face of evil. She despises Zaros and the Mahjarrat, especially for their betrayal of Icthlarin. Though Amascut would blame Icthlarin for the trouble they brought to Gielinor in the first place, Chrishankhah hopes to show her that Icthlarin is not the real enemy or the one to be concerned with, but the Mahjerrat themselves -- who she believes, if not stopped, may bring about the very destruction of the world as they know it.

Wardrobe[edit | edit source]

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