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Hello, my name is ChristineC in Runescape.Unfortunately,I am mostly a non- member.Hopefully, during the holidays I will become one!:D Now, I usually walking around GE aimlessly, occasionally chopping yew logs to sell or killing some cockroaches. When I become bored, I'll run to Clan Wars( watching out for revs!) and join a clan in World 1.Then I'll teleport to Lumbridge and wander off again.:D

  • If you wish to message me, please go onto my talk page.

Memorable moments: When I was about Level 75 and a member in Lumbridge, a guy came up to me and asked if I wanted to fight with him in a PVP world with just one item only. Being bored, I accepted and soon, we were happily killing each other, remembering to use Protect Item prayer. Suddenly, a guy came up to us as we were about to start fighting and asked why I was fighting him. Then, he attacked my friend for some weirdo reason. Soon, my friend was owning him with his magic longbow while I closed the door repeatedly so that the intruder would not escape. On one occasion, he actually managed to get into the castle! However, he mis-clicked and came back out of the castle. He tried running to the front of the castle but in the end, he died. :D MY friend and I split the loot - I got a rune dagger, he gotsome kind of weird 5K armour. As I was walking to the cellar, the intruder suddenly came up to me.

This is how the weird conversation went:

  • Intruder: Whyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!Gimme bck my stuff pls...........
  • Me: Dude, too bad. You shld have minded ur own business.
  • Intruder: Plzzzzzzzz gimme bck my stuff!!!!!!!I'm pooorrrrrrrrrr
  • Me: Well, earn cash then. If u didnt attack, my fren, u wouldnt have lost all your items.
  • Intruder: Pls..... I need my stuff!!!!! I didnt mean to attack ur friend...
  • Me: Ooh sorry lolz we "didnt mean to attck u and kill u."

( Guy logs out, I sell my stuff on ge) Another memorable occasion was when I went to my brother's POH for a celebration of some kind. He took a couple of screenshots , one at Barbarian Assault. After that, my brother and some of his friends( including me)went to his house dungeon for a fun time that was worth to die for ( I died many times in the dungeon, too!).

My Goals:

  • Level 70 strength
  • CB Level will be 94 in member(with summoning)
  • 75 Fletching
  • 75 Attack
  • 70 Woodcutting
  • 70 Magic
  • 70 Defence
  • 65 Mining
  • 60 Firemaking
  • 50 Thieving
  • 50 Prayer
  • 50 Summoning

Total level: 1346
Attack 78Constitution 1Mining 63
Strength 75Agility 64Smithing 54
Defence 74Herblore 51Fishing 55
Ranged 63Thieving 63Cooking 62
Prayer 56Crafting 62Firemaking 61
Magic 72Fletching 99!(mini fireworks)Woodcutting 75
Runecrafting 45Slayer 56Farming 43
Construction 54Hunter 59Summoning 56
Dungeoneering 1Divination 1Invention 1
Archaeology 1Combat 101Quests 274
Music 611Tasks ----RuneScore ----
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