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Hi, ChrisWar666 is my name, mining is my (main) game. More information will be added on when I have time.

Currently looking to buy Air (200) and Earth (800) talismans.

Currentley selling Addy dagger (minimum 500), 28 Black square shields (minimum 1,000gp) and some other items (message me for more).

If you have any need for my skills (look me up, Woodcutting's 58, just lost high scores :() just call.
Secondary services (maunfacturing) are free (thanks to assist!! :D).
For primary services (extractions) there -will- be a charge in line with my mining prices... which I have yet to publish. Oh well.
My quaternary services are FREE :D.
For tertiary services... I'm not high enough for tertiary services yet :'(.

- ChrisWar666 15:19, 4 April 2007 (UTC)

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