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Get about 20k ( You do not need to complete preist in peril!) Go to Yanille where you will find a hunter shop. Find your way to the Hunter Shop which is right next to the Magic Guild. Buy 1 Butterfly net, 5 bird snares, 2 noose wands (1 is a back-up) and 6 box traps. You will also need about 10-20 butterfly jars. You will use all of these on your way to 99 Hunter. If you are willing to make trips you can just get 2 noose ropes and 5 bird snares. If you are level 1 go to the Varrock museum downstairs and talk to an NPC named Orlando. He should be right next to the staircase you came down. Do what he says and then when you finish you should get level 9 hunter. Head to the Woodland Hunter area when your hunter is level 9. It is located just south of the Piscatoris Fishing Colony and west of the gnome stronghold. This may seem boring at first, but when you get 99 you'll be happy. Hunt Copper Longtails until it is level 15. Continue to hunt Copper Longtails, but go with your butterfly net and hunt Ruby Harvests at the same time. When you get to level 20, you can set 2 traps at one time. Get your hunting level to 29. Go to the Hunter spot southeast of the bank in Canifis. Catch swamp lizards. You can set 3 traps when you are level 40. Do this until Hunter level 47.(At this time you have the choice to bank the lizards as of 12/22/08 they make quite a bit of money if your willing to run to bank) When you get to 47, buy desert robes and desert boots and 14 waterskins(4). Go to the Orange salamanders in the desert. (east of shanty pass place, cross bridge) release them all. no one buys them and there are no banks nearby. At 53 head back to where you caught the Copper Longtails, but this time bring 500gp with you (1k for safety)and 3 BOX TRAPS (+1 spare if you lag alot) then go to the EAST of the Copper Longtails. Then go to the Chinchompas and catch them. Once you've got 59 hunter, hunt red salamanders. These are located South west of East Ardougne. Catch salamanders until Hunter 63 (65 if you want faster xp!). Head to Feldip Hills again, but go to where the screen turns black at the west side. Set four box traps and the Red Chinchompas will be attracted to the trap. Just like the other Chinchompas, they stack so you can keep them! Stay here until your level is 99. At 99 you will have caught about 48,000 Red Chinchompas, which you can either use them for Ranged xp or sell them at 600-800 each for a whopping 28.8-38.4m. If you want the skill cape after you've achieved 99 hunter, you can go to feldip. The hunting master will sell you a hunter cape and hood for 99k, and lives in the hut near the red chinchompas.

Yes its long but it works!!