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This is my personal slang dictionary. This page contains a list of my own terminology for some of the items, monsters, and other junk in RuneScape.

#[edit | edit source]

  • 703 Skill Place, Rimmington - The unofficial address for my Player-owned house. As you may have guessed, it's a reference to a relatively famous (back in the day) RuneScaper.
  • 89 million coin curse - Turmoil. The reasoning behind this term is the fact that I spent 89 million coins buying the dragon bones needed to get there from 76 Prayer.

A[edit | edit source]

  • Abyssal Cliché - The incredibly overused abyssal whip. I first bought my cliché at 2.2 million coins. Currently, it costs 100,954 coins - alch price. Yes, it's nowhere near as valuable as it once used to be. One of the main contributing factors for the massive price drop is the Evolution of Combat, which introduced a lot of weapon balancing. This turned what once was the most powerful weapon in RuneScape, into basically a cheap shoestring with spikes on it. Yes it's still a feasible one-handed level 70 weapon, but it's now so weak - even the level 75 Vine whip variant isn't all that great anymore. All godswords and chaotics massively outdamage both of them, and they get completely put to shame by Drygore weaponry. Even the Barrows weapons outdamage them significantly now (unless they are used with Enhanced excalibur, the "off-hand whip", so to speak). And still, I see hundreds, almost thousands of people (not including bots) that still choose the old "whip and shield" approach over stronger, more advantageous setups, even if they have the levels, equipment, and money for those setups. Still, at least the lava whip is someone nice, but why bother with that when drygores are both stronger and cheaper?
  • Altar camping - Staying at an altar in a Player-owned house with high level prayers active, recharging as necessary. Especially common among high level house dungeon griefers with Soul Split amd Turmoil (see 'God mode' for more details).
  • Armadylean Rusher's Sword - Armadyl godsword, which had been horribly nerfed post-EoC, and has since dropped to an all-time low, though has climbed back after it got its special attack back. Truth be told, I don't even know why people still use it for anything other than the special attack - aside from it being better damage per minute than the now abysmal Abyssal Cliché. Even with the return of the spec, it's still a lackluster weapon when compared to stronger options such as drygore weaponry and especially the halberd-esque Noxious scythe.

B[edit | edit source]

  • Bandos "noob" sword - Bandos godsword. It's actually very rare for me to actually refer to the BGS like this; the main reason I have this entry is cause it is, for all practical purposes, the entry-level godsword, and therefore often used by "noobs". Nevertheless, its special attack/passive is very useful for monsters with high defence, such as Nomad, General Graardor, and the Kalphite Queen.
  • Barragefest - A killing spree using the spell Ice Barrage (or any Barrage spell, really). Commonly seen at house parties, Rock lobsters, Muspah, and Slayer Monster areas.

C[edit | edit source]

  • Claw and Order - This refers to the very rare occurence in which I have to kick an abusive player out of my dungeon by using Dragon claws. Granted, they probably wouldn't even have the guts to be abusive and disrespectful in the first place. Since I sold my dragon claws, this term is no longer used. Outdated due to Evolution of Combat

D[edit | edit source]

  • DPKing/DPKer - Dishonourable PKing, or the act of killing (or more specifically, griefing) other players using unfair, cheap, or otherwise dishonourable tactics. A DPKer is any PKer that uses such tactics to the extent that they account for more than 90% of his/her kills (this actually happens A LOT). Dishonourable tactics include (but are not limited to) pile-jumping, ambushing the victor of a recent fight, and luring. Most commonly seen among people who wear rag-tag gear such as royal dragonhide armour, hand cannons, royal crossbows, and blisterwood stakes.
  • Draconic schizophrenia - A notoriously common (and almost guaranteed) side effect of getting all the dragon bones for 99 Prayer from killing dragons, without ever purchasing a single bone. Symptoms include random activation of overhead prayers or Turmoil (even if there is no reason to activate them), spontaneous flaming, and continuous, unrelenting aggression towards any and all players (even close friends and highly respected clan-mates), and possibly even griefing. A very serious condition, albeit an equally amusing one to watch.

E[edit | edit source]

Under construction

F[edit | edit source]

  • Fire Surgeon - A player who practices Fire Surgery.
  • Fire Surgery - The act of burning monsters and other players alive with Fire Surge. Particularly common among teleblockers, as well as those killing Glacors and Ice strykewyrms.

G[edit | edit source]

  • God Mode - When a player activates Turmoil and Soul Split, drinks Extreme potions or Overloads, summons a mamby-pamby unicorn (see below), and/or camps near the altar in a POH dungeon for purposes of staying at full health at all times and relentlessly murdering anyone who tries to recharge their prayer. Players who do this are very annoying and often display arrogance or disrespect, and generally wield high level weapons like Drygore weaponry and high-end armour such as Torva armour. God Mode is NOT allowed under any circumstances in my POH without my express permission.

H[edit | edit source]

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I[edit | edit source]

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J[edit | edit source]

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K[edit | edit source]

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L[edit | edit source]

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M[edit | edit source]

  • Mamby-pamby unicorn - Unicorn stallion. This term is only used if a player abuses it to the point of near immortality in a POH dungeon or any other safe PvP situation, for the sole purpose of griefing other players. Not to be confused with a Noble steed (see below).

N[edit | edit source]

  • Noble steed - Unicorn stallion. This is the more common term I use for this creature, reserved for situations when it is used responsibly or for legitimate purposes, and not to simply grief other people in safe PvP.
  • "Noob" - The absolute biggest cliché in all of RuneScape; so big, in fact, that I absolutely refuse to say it without quotation marks unless it is part of a player's username.

O[edit | edit source]

  • Overload abuse - Self-explanatory; using overloads for every situation, even if they are completely unnecessary. This is just mind-boggling to me, and even more so since I have overloads myself. Now, I only use my overloads for legitimate purposes, such as fighting the Queen Black Dragon, and truth be told, many people do. It's those people wasting their overloads just to kill a level 2 rat that I frown upon, and in some cases even laugh at. But hey, it's not my problem. If you want to flush your expensive overloads down the toilet, then be my guest by all means.
  • Old Betsy - My Royal crossbow. Sadly, I rarely use her anymore for anything, as I now have the more powerful Noxious longbow and Ascension crossbows. However, whenever I go PKing, she is still my go-to weapon.

P[edit | edit source]

  • PK Troll - A relatively common type of player killer, distinguished by how they relentlessly harass a player they want to kill by saying mean (and often immature) things about their target's character/skills/items in an attempt to enrage the target and get them to fight. Their targets often fall for the flamebait, only to get killed by the troll later. Fortunately, they are easy to deal with, and you can choose one of two ways. The easy way is to just say to yourself "I'm not wasting my time on this knucklehead", teleport away, stay out of the wilderness, place them on your ignore list, and world-hop. The riskier (albeit more fun) way is to call up some PKer friends, and own the troll in multicombat, assuming the troll doesn't have a clan of his own to counter.
  • Pogs - Charms. This term originates from a 1990s game of the same name which involves discs made of plastic, rubber, or other materials, that are also called 'pogs'. This is because the charms themselves are essentially discs, and therefore could actually be used to play Pogs.

Q[edit | edit source]

Under construction

R[edit | edit source]

  • Recoilaholic - This refers to any player that relies almost entirely on recoil-based damage to kill other players, particularly through use of rings of recoil, Vengeance, or the Deflect curses.

S[edit | edit source]

  • Soul safe; Soul safer - The level 92 prayer Soul Split or someone who uses it. The latter is often used if someone has it active with full or close to full lifepoints, which doesn't make much sense unless you're under attack since it doesn't drain prayer points any more. Of course, I realise that calling myself a 'soul safer' is a bit hypocritical on my behalf, but nobody seems to care.
  • Suckerpunch sword - This can either refer to Korasi's sword or the Armadyl rusher sword. I use this term only when either of these swords are repeatedly or continuously used in a 'sucker-punch' manner; that is, ambushing a player when they respawn in a dungeon after being killed in a combat ring, or worse yet, to ambush PKers in the Wilderness who are fresh off a kill.

T[edit | edit source]

  • The big stick - My Noxious staff - which I use for pretty much everything that has anything to do with magic combat nowadays. After all, it is a big stick for all intents and purposes, even if it is made out of spider parts. Formerly, this referred to my Zamorakian spear, which I have since upgraded to a Chaotic spear. Since I have no real use for the Chaotic spear, it will eventually end up augmented and later disassembled, much like Old Betsy will soon be.
  • Troll seed - Spirit tree seeds (although it would be funny if they did grow trolls). It annoys me when I get one of these as a drop from Ganodermic beasts or find one amidst my stockpile of nests from kingdom management. What could have been a top quality Magic seed or Palm tree seed instead ends up being a troll-green Spirit seed. I can't even sell them - I'm forced to use them up slowly (since they take almost four days to grow, and I can only have so many at a time), hoard them, or disassemble them - more often the last of those options now that I have 99 Farming.

U[edit | edit source]

Under construction

V[edit | edit source]

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W[edit | edit source]

  • Watching paint dry - Farming. For all practical purposes that's what it is, aside from all the crop running, seed planting and whatnot. Thank goodness I'm now level 99 Farming.
  • Whammy - Any Warhammer. Don't really know where I got this one from to be honest.

X[edit | edit source]

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Y[edit | edit source]

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Z[edit | edit source]

  • Zamorak coward's sword - Zamorak godsword, often used if players use hit and run tactics with the sword. Not that it applies to me - I rarely melee anymore except with my drygores.