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It's a beautiful day in RuneScape, and you are merrily skilling, when all of a sudden - CLUNK! An oddly-shaped rock appears in your backpack from seemingly out of nowhere. You learn that your fellow Scapers have also been stumbling across these strange rocks, and are hearing a lot of chatter about them. On a hunch, you decide to show it to the archaeologists at the Varrock Museum. To your surprise, you learn that the strange rock is actually a piece of an ancient statue! You also learn that you can find more rocks like the one you found by training your noncombat skills. This is where I come in. This is an article that explains my method of getting the strange rocks used in the Shattered Heart D&D.

I personally find that the first skill per week that you train has the highest chance of getting a rock. Therefore, I tend to go after the rocks that cost more (such as Construction) first, and save the no-cost rocks (such as Agility) for last. Furthermore, I tend to pair up certain skills that go together (such as Fishing and Cooking) to save time. Ultimately, it's up to you which order you do them in. One thing that helps out a lot is to have a full tool belt and of course, the Statue collection bag. Here's how I tackle the rocks.

Step 1: Construction[edit | edit source]

Strange rock (Construction).png

Construction is always the first skill on my to-do list for collecting rocks, simply because I like getting the Construction pieces out of the way right off the bat so that they don't bother me later. I buy a couple thousand oak planks or limestone bricks, with the collection bag and a full tool belt, and some dust and law runes for house teleports. Now, most people suggest building oak larders. I actually discourage this, as you get less chances at receiving a strange rock. Unlike Runecrafting, which gives you a chance per essence crafted (more on that later), Construction gives a chance per item made, regardless of how many materials it requires. Therefore, for the most chances at a rock per inventory, you want to build something that requires as few materials as possible. Personally, I make limestone fireplaces, which are very cost-effective (as little as 42 coins each!), but very click-intensive to balance out. If I don't feel like going through all that clicking, I make Oak chair flatpacks instead. Either way, I get twelve chances per inventory as compared to three with oak larders. Or, if I really feel like a miser with regards to chances per materials, I'll make oak lecterns, which will give me 24 chances per inventory, but will also involve even more clicking than fireplaces. From personal experience, I have learned that Construction rocks can be a bit fickle with regards to when they decide to show up. Sometimes I get both in less than five inventories. Other times it may take as much as twenty for just one rock and over forty overall for both (which quickly puts a big dent in my bank, particularly if I'm doing oak chairs or lecterns). Nevertheless, these rocks generally tend to come pretty quickly (usually within ten to fifteen inventories), particularly if they are the first ones I go after.

Ideal skills and items: Level 40 Construction, full tool belt, about 1000-2500 limestone bricks or oak planks, and runes for house teleports.

Step 2: Runecrafting[edit | edit source]

Strange rock (Runecrafting).png

Runecrafting rocks are fairly straightforward for me to obtain. I generally buy a few thousand pure essence, and craft Astral runes on Lunar Isle. Having a wicked hood also gives me some free essence and teleports to altars daily. Due to the fact that you get a chance for a strange rock for every essence you craft, it is entirely possible to get both rocks in one click! Unfortunately, the chance per essence of getting a rock is quite low, which makes that a very rare occurrence. Regardless, the rocks come pretty quickly - it seldom takes me more than 1000 essence to get both rocks. In the rare case that it does, however, I simply sell the crafted astral runes for cash to buy more essence. More often than not, I actually turn a significant profit when going after Runecrafting rocks!

Ideal skills and items: Level 75 Runecrafting, fully upgraded wicked hood, all Runecrafting pouches, about 1000-2500 pure essence.

Step 3: Woodcutting, Firemaking, and Fletching[edit | edit source]

Strange rock (Woodcutting).png Strange rock (Firemaking).png Strange rock (Fletching).png

I take care of these three skills by starting out at Draynor Village chopping willow trees for Woodcutting rocks and burning the willow logs received for Firemaking rocks. I don't typically worry about Fletching rocks until I have obtained both of one of the other two skills' rocks. What I do varies depending on which pair of rocks I receive first.

  • If I receive both Woodcutting rocks first, I'll buy a bunch of willow logs and burn them at the Grand Exchange. If I get this scenario, I won't worry about going for Fletching rocks until I get both Firemaking rocks. When I do get the Firemaking rocks, I then make unstrung maple shieldbows from the large quantity of maple logs in my bank.
  • If I receive both Firemaking rocks first, I will teleport to Seers' Village and chop the maple trees to finish off the Woodcutting rocks. As my inventory fills up, I'll fletch the logs I receive into shieldbows for a chance at Fletching rocks, bank and repeat. If I get both Woodcutting rocks before I get both Fletching rocks, I then make maple shieldbows from the logs in my bank. If I get the Fletching rocks first, I simply continue chopping maples without fletching the logs.

All three of these skills tend to come pretty quickly, usually in fifteen inventories or less per skill. Woodcutting and Fletching are not too bad, but Firemaking demands a good amount of clicking.

Ideal skills and items: Level 61 Woodcutting, level 30 Firemaking, level 55 Fletching, Dragon hatchet, full toolbelt.

Step 4: Mining, Smithing and Crafting[edit | edit source]

Strange rock (Mining).png Strange rock (Smithing).png Strange rock (Crafting).png

For Mining rocks, I simply mine coal or gold ore in the Living Rock Caverns on world 84, and bank as necessary. As with Construction, these rocks tend to be fickle, sometimes taking as little as one inventory and other times well over thirty. However, the unpredictability of these rocks is much more wild than with Construction (or any strange rock for that matter) - one time, I got the first rock almost immediately, and didn't get the other for close to 160 inventories!

For Smithing, I equip Goldsmith gauntlets and smelt the ores mined earlier into gold bars. These rocks come quicker than Mining, and it seldom takes me more than fifteen inventories. If for whatever reason I don't get both Smithing rocks by smelting gold, I buy some iron ore from the Grand Exchange and make iron knives at the Blast Furnace on world 58.

After I have either smelted all the gold ore (or obtained both Smithing rocks), I move on to Crafting rocks. For Crafting, I make gold bracelets out of the bars smelted earlier. They offer good chances at rocks, and if for whatever reason I don't get both rocks from the bars I have, I can sell the bracelets (in noted form) to the rogue in East Varrock to get money for more bars. Again, these rocks come pretty quickly, rarely more than fifteen inventories.

Ideal skills and items: Level 77-80 Mining, level 40 Smithing, level 40 Crafting, full tool belt, Rune or Dragon pickaxe, goldsmith gauntlets.

Step 5: Farming and Herblore[edit | edit source]

Strange rock (Farming).png Strange rock (Herblore).png

For Farming, I do standard allotment, herb, and hops runs, and harvest once the crops are grown - a pretty straight-forward, predefined procedure. I almost always have crops planted and at the ready, with white lilies to protect the allotments. Usually, the crops will be snape grass, reeds, and avantoe, but sometimes I'll mix things up a bit (for example, I may plant a higher-levelled or more expensive seed at Trollheim). My only complaint about going for these rocks is the large amount of running, but it isn't too bad, especially with the various teleport options. These rocks come very quickly, particularly if I get good harvests. It very rarely takes me more than four runs to get both Farming rocks, and I have personally never required any more than seven runs.

Furthermore, by incorporating herbs into these runs, I can even get some of my Herblore rocks out of the way. Sadly, they don't come that easily, since I don't really get that many herbs per run (not including the occasional dead herb...). It's a rather uncommon occurrence that I get both Herblore rocks within the same window as my Farming rocks. Worse yet, sometimes I don't even get any Herblore rocks at all during my Farming rock runs, particularly when low herb yields and dead herbs are taken into account. Nevertheless, whatever Herblore rocks I don't get I usually take care of by killing flesh crawlers, aberrant spectres, or mutated jadinkos (which frequently drop good herbs), or by buying a lot of a cheap grimy herb (like marrentill and tarromin, at 8,679 207 coins each, respectively). These rocks also come fairly quickly, usually within about six or seven inventories of herbs.

Ideal skills and items: High Farming and Herblore levels are a significant benefit, full toolbelt including Magic secateurs, access to the Trollheim patch, Ardougne cloak 4, Explorer's ring 4, plenty of allotment and herb seeds, a high Slayer level (if killing Slayer creatures) or about 2500-5000 grimy marrentill or grimy tarromin.

Step 6: Fishing and Cooking[edit | edit source]

Strange rock (Fishing).png Strange rock (Cooking).png

For Fishing rocks, I will generally head to Piscatoris to catch Monkfish. I then head to the nearby range to take care of the Cooking rocks. Like Construction and Mining, these rocks are rather fickle - sometimes I get both pairs within five inventories, and sometimes it takes over thirty and possibly forty. Generally, however, it'll usually take about ten to fifteen. I also tend to shift gears once I have both of one type of rock.

If I get the Cooking rocks first, I'll head to the Fishing Guild and catch sharks. On the other hand, if I get the Fishing rocks first, I'll cook cheap fish (such as trout) at the Cooking Guild.

Ideal skills and items: Level 76 Fishing, high Cooking level (85 or higher), completion of Swan Song, full tool belt.

Step 7: Hunter[edit | edit source]

Strange rock (Hunter).png

Hunter rocks tend to be very click-intensive rocks, which gets annoying after a while, but there are also lots of ways to find them. I tend to do falconry or go after Charm sprites, since they are relatively fast and simple to catch, give good experience, and the latter can be a decent (albeit slow) source of charms. Getting rocks from them is a different story. It almost always takes me at least fifty and usually over a hundred catches to get both Hunter rocks.

Ideal skills and items: Level 72 Hunter.

Step 8: Thieving[edit | edit source]

Strange rock (Thieving).png

Another straightforward rock, albeit an equally annoying one due to the large amounts of clicking involved. Usually, I'll go to the Ardougne market, and pickpocket the various NPC's there for Thieving rocks (most often stealing from guards due to the good success rate), stealing cakes from the bakery stalls and Soul Splitting off of anything that attacks me whenever necessary to heal. The rocks themselves can take a very long time to get, though. As with Hunter, it will almost always take me at least fifty attempts, and usually over a hundred or several hundred to get both rocks.

Ideal skills and items: A high Thieving level (75 or higher), Ardougne cloak 3 or 4, completion of all capers after Buyers and Cellars for better loot.

Step 9: Agility[edit | edit source]

Strange rock (Agility).png

Probably the most boring rock to go after, and one of the hardest to receive, not to mention all the clicking involved - I hate these rocks with a passion. Thankfully, they are also the most straightforward to obtain. I go to the Gnome Stronghold advanced course due to its relative ease and speed of completion. Again, it takes quite a while to get both Agility rocks - I often end up doing fifty to a hundred laps for both.

Ideal skills and items: Weight-reducing clothing, level 85 Agility if attempting the advanced course.

Current status[edit | edit source]

My statue is 100% completed as of 19 April 2012!

Statue of Dahmaroc.png
Replica statue piece (Agility).png Replica statue piece (Agility).png Replica statue piece (Herblore).png Replica statue piece (Herblore).png Replica statue piece (Thieving).png Replica statue piece (Thieving).png Replica statue piece (Crafting).png Replica statue piece (Crafting).png Replica statue piece (Runecrafting).png Replica statue piece (Runecrafting).png Replica statue piece (Mining).png Replica statue piece (Mining).png Replica statue piece (Smithing).png Replica statue piece (Smithing).png Replica statue piece (Fishing).png Replica statue piece (Fishing).png Replica statue piece (Cooking).png Replica statue piece (Cooking).png Replica statue piece (Firemaking).png Replica statue piece (Firemaking).png Replica statue piece (Woodcutting).png Replica statue piece (Woodcutting).png Replica statue piece (Fletching).png Replica statue piece (Fletching).png Replica statue piece (Farming).png Replica statue piece (Farming).png Replica statue piece (Construction).png Replica statue piece (Construction).png Replica statue piece (Hunter).png Replica statue piece (Hunter).png